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The path to the folder, relative to the BlogURL.


  • separator (optional): Accepts either “-” or “_”. If unspecified, the raw folder basename value is returned.


For the folder “Bar” in a folder “Foo” <mt:FolderPath> becomes foo/bar.


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PRO IT Service

PRO IT Service on March 19, 2011, 5:39 p.m. Reply

You may like to know that there is an undocumented parameter called separator.

For instance I have a project where I have a folder called “20/20 Insight”.

This folder’s basename is: /telecom/2020insight

The page archive template mapping is: folder-path/page-basename.html

In other words, the template mapping is to use “-” (dash) instead of “_” (underscore) on the file name.

However, the tag <$mt:FolderPath$> would display the folder basename AS IS, without getting also the characteristic from the page template mapping.

In order to solve this issue I’m using the undocumented parameter called “separator”, like this:

<$mt:FolderPath separator=”-“$>

Enjoy, Mihai