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A container tag for actions. By default it will loop over all of the actions associated with the current user in context. The author_id tag can be used to indicated which author to load and display actions for. Once inside the loop, additional tags can be used to display details about each action as Movable Type iterates through each action.


  • sort - Acceptable values: authored_on and created_on
  • days - the number of days to display actions for (default 25)
  • range_incl -
  • namespace -
  • author_id -
  • object_ds -
  • direction - Acceptable values: descend and ascend
  • limit -
  • lastn -
  • sort_by -
  • sort_order -


<mt:Actions namespace="community_pack_recommend" include_blogs="all" sort_order="descend" lastn="30">
    <ul class="recent-actions">
        <li class="entry icon-entry">
            Posted <a href="<$mt:EntryLink>"><$mt:EntryTitle encode_html="1"$></a> to 
            <a href="<$MTEntryBlogURL$>" class="icon-blog"><$MTEntryBlogName$></a>
            <div class="excerpt"><$MTEntryExcerpt$></div>
        <li class="comment icon-comment">
            Commented on
            <a href="<$mt:CommentLink$>"><$mt:EntryTitle encode_html="1"$></a>
            <div class="excerpt"><$mt:CommentBody words="40"$>...</div>
        <li class="favorite icon-favorite">
            Favorited <$mt:EntryTitle encode_html="1"$></a> on 
            <a href="<$mt:EntryLink$>">%%<a href="<$MTEntryBlogURL$>" class="icon-blog"><$MTEntryBlogName$></a>
    <p class="note">No recent actions.</p>


sxwang on March 12, 2009, 4:05 a.m. Reply

Can I do the pagination on this tag?


shinov on April 13, 2009, 10:24 p.m. Reply

Can I do the pagination on this tag?

I also wish to paginate by mt:Actions.

But,There is no Argument “offset”,so maybe impossible?

/* I’m sorry for my English isn’t too good. */

Mark Carey

Mark Carey on July 8, 2009, 1:40 p.m. Reply

Any way to limit this by blog_id? This doesn’t seem to respect the Multiblog settings to disallow a certain blog from multi-blog listings. The use case here is that there are certain blog blogs that are private, and don’t wanted “posted an entry” actions to display for those blogs.

Jim Walczak on August 23, 2009, 8:34 p.m. Reply

I’m seeing a strange behavior with the default template “Profile View” on the local blog.

The results show all comments that the blog administrator approved - no matter if the blog admisnistrotor made no comments on that post.

Makes no sense to me - is this correct?

How would you make the Profile View ONLY show actions that the user actually produced?