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Movable Type 5.14 Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released May 16, 2012.

This is a bugfix release without new features. It does not contain a security fix.

New Feature


HeaderCacheControlconfiguration directive was introduced in Movable Type 5.14. If you set this directive in your mt-config.cgi, you can define how pages should be handled by caches.

HeaderCacheControl no-cache

Known Issues

To be fixed in future release

  • 107782 in an environment of IIS mt-atom.cgi doesn’t work

Fixed cases

The following issues were fixed in this release.

  • 106033 IE9 RC: Unable to move category/folder on Manage Categories/Folders screen
  • 106034 IE9 RC: Unable to move widgets on Manage Entries/Pages screen
  • 107561 Template load error occurs when a plugin calls MT::Template::load_file with an invalid file path
  • 107157 key and index modifier of MTGetVar tag do not work in dynamic publishing
  • 105414 [patch] Always output by ‘png’ when make thumbnail file on dynamic
  • 107692 [patch] Got an error when doing validation in “Manage Folders” and “Manage Categories”
  • 86133 Error when saving a template on Template Preview screen
  • 106214 encode_xml does not remove invalid characters in XML
  • 106215 [patch] mt:Include is not cached in “memcached” environment
  • 106217 [patch] mt:Include that has “key” attribute gets an error in dynamic publishing.
  • 106219 [patch] mt:Include that has “key” attribute cannot be used in statically and dynamically at same time.
  • 106258 mt-search.cgi fails with IncludeBlogs=all after upgrade to MT-5.1
  • 106128 MTIfMoreResults can’t work in dynamic publishing.
  • 106159 [patch] mt:MultiBlog that has no arguments overrides “local_blog_id” in dynamic publishing.
  • 106202 [Patch] General Settings doesn’t display “Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs” license name
  • 106305 MT5.1 Search code regressions
  • 100361 URL on Registration Notification is relative path.
  • 106491 Search and Replace Limited to 126 entries
  • 107390 Theme elements order required.
  • 107443 Memory Leak: Reblessed objects contain cyclic ref
  • 106651 “Request-URI Too Large” error occurs when restoring a backup file which contains a lot of assets
  • 107105 Thumbnail for file-type asset is not displayed on the search results screen for asset
  • 107125 MTInclude tag does not work with key modifier
  • 107341 Duplicated cache filename when using PHP SSI
  • 106513 MTArchiveList archive_type=”Category-Daily” doesn’t work under static publishing
  • 106532 Browsing Select a Blog Style screen generate styles.css template
  • 106535 Checkbox custom fields are not saved properly on Edit Entry screen in some situations
  • 106581 javascript error occurs in a list which is created by listing framework
  • 83208 MTIf doesn’t work with a hash variable under dynamic publishing
  • 105747 Custom fields’ data can be imported by entry import even if there are no custom fields in the blog
  • 106356 “Create Blog + Website Administrator” permission user cannot clone blog
  • 106358 FF5: can not go back to WYSIWYG mode after switching to HTML mode
  • 106359 Chrome: Malfunction when switching mode from HTML to WYSIWYG
  • 106378 IE9: Malfunction of text decoration in WYSIWYG mode
  • 106380 IE9: Can not insert item and image when WYSIWYG mode
  • 106395 IE8: When setting anchor link at web page edit on IE, [editor-content.html] is added unintentionally
  • 106435 Original relative URL is not preserved when we click the Link button.
  • 104044 no author ID record in mt_category when the blog are created by custom theme
  • 107682 Comment author disappears from the commenter list when he is unbanned
  • 107663 Cannot eject value in hash, while dynamic publishing
  • 107664 [Customfields] If you change the basename, data you entered will disappear
  • 105360 Doesn’t display entries correctly when include_subcategories=”1” and include_blogs=”all” are configured.
  • 106786 Can’t remove multiple filters at once
  • 106916 Styling : the display breaks when the category name is long
  • 106925 Unable to cancel deleting a comment properly on Edit Comment screen
  • 69877 MTCalendar month=”this” doesn’t work on published entry archive
  • 107587 Editor cannot add tags at System > Manage Assets
  • 107601 Community Blog’s ‘Powered by’ widget does not show ‘Powered by MT’ icon
  • 107818 Cannot move to login screen after created a new blog with French

Other Changes

  • 107686 Update the CodeMirror from 2.16+patch to 2.22
  • 106211’s post_save() isn’t treat extended table columns.
  • 107391 Category name which is created when choosing theme, gets translated according to language setting
  • 106156 [patch] The MultiBlog’s plugin-data is loaded multiple times in dynamic publishing.

Community Contributors

This release included a lot of feedback, patches and contributions from our community. Thank you very much for all of your help to make Movable Type better !