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Movable Type 5.03 Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released September 8, 2010.

This is a bugfix release without new features. It does not contain a security fix.

Resolved Issues in Movable Type 5.03

  • 103927 Old comment sessions are not deleted properly. (Fixed)
  • 104102 Cannot publish archive templates when there are multiple archives with different publishing settings. (Fixed)
  • 104161 Cannot search older assets in ‘Insert Image’ dialog. (Fixed)
  • 104326 Cannot add custom fields after upgrading from MT4.x when the user have changed the sort order in MT4.x. (Fixed)
  • 104337 Error when disabling a plugin that adds custom objects and its custom fields. (Fixed)
  • 104338 Cannot publish archive templates by Publish Queue. (Fixed)
  • 104374 Cannot sign-in with the TypePad account that has multi byte characters in its Nick Name (Fixed)
  • 104375 Error with SQL Server when using include_blogs=”children” at the website that has no blog. (Fixed)

Patches and Reports from our community

This release included patches and contributions from our community. Thank you very much for all of your help to make Movable Type better !

FogBugz Reports

We’d also like to say thank you who have posted reports from the feedback form and our online forums. Though your name is not identified here, your contribution was vital for this release.