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Movable Type 5.02 patch to fix the Publish Queue

This version of Movable Type was released May 20, 2010.

The Issue

Movable Type 5.02 has an error in Publish Queue for archive templates.

This error occurs when you publish your archive templates via Publish Queue. Run-periodic-tasks doesn’t publish archive templates properly. Only index templates are published.

Versions affected

<p>Please apply the fix if you are using Publish Queue with</p>
  <li>Movable Type Open Source 5.02</li>
  <li>Movable Type 5.02 ( with Professional and Community Packs)</li>

<p>Movable Type 5.0 and 5.01 do NOT have this issue.</p>

The Fix

Movable Type component “” has to be updated.

Placing the fix

Please download the following patched code file and follow the instructions below to put it in place:

The targeted file you’re going to replace is in “lib/MT/” .

First, create a backup of that file by either renaming it to be or copying its original into your home directory for safe keeping.

Unzip the patch file, and upload the to the “lib/MT” directory to replace the original.

Confirm that the bug has been addressed; otherwise, revert the backup file.