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Movable Type 8.0.3 Release Notes

This version includes several bug fixes.

New and Improved features

  • Disabled plugins which have occurred error in loading automatically (MTC-29310)
  • Added “Reboot” menu on mt.cgi in working as PSGI process (MTC-28324)

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed to work the “Link” button with Text Formatting None or Markdown on Edit window (MTC-28800)
  • Enabled browser search for editing template pane at code highlighting (SUPPORT-292)
  • Fixed to log errors properly at sending an email (MTC-29404)
  • Fixed the link in Primary navigation (MTC-29305)
  • Fixed not to refer entry_convert_breaks in processing any Custom Fields at Dynamic Publishing (MTC-29303)
  • Fixed to log errors in MT::App::Search (MTC-29299)
  • Fixed validation for number field oF ContentField (MTC-29297)
  • Removed unnecessary log message at using parent modifier in MTInclude tag (MTC-29285)
  • Fixed position of Close button in Alert message (MTC-29281)
  • Fixed to use administer_site as role in MT::SyncLog (MTC-29280)
  • Fixed an error that occurred when the provider of site information in the dashboard was unavailable (MTC-29278)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented granting roles that include “Manage Site” privileges in the “Manage Members” section of the site (MTC-29273)
  • Fixed not occurred PHP warning in Dynamic Publishing (MTC-29264)
  • Fixed the term of alert-dismissible (MTC-29263)
  • Fixed an error occurred at loading MT::FileInfo rebuilding (MTC-29251)
  • Fixed not to update the column as primary key in MT::CMS::Common::save (MTC-29206)
  • Fixed an error related in site info in Data API v6 (MTC-29202)
  • Fixed not to show assets in other sites at Adding an Asset in Image Assets of ContentField (MTC-29194)
  • Fixed not to use “Blog” or “WebSite” phrases in error message at Clone Child Site (MTC-28858)

Movable Type Advanced

  • Fixed errors or warnings in the Test with Oracle Database (MTC-29309)

Security Improvements

  • Update TinyMCE bundled TinyMCE plugins to 5.10.9 or 6.7.3 (MTC-29262)


  • Fixed owner of /var/lib/nginx/tmp directory to avoid an error at updating Nginx package (SUPPORT-298)