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Movable Type 7 r.5201 (7.9.3) Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released May 11, 2022.

This version includes several changes and bug fixes.

When updating, it is strongly recommended that you take a snapshot of the database before updating, then install Movable Type in a different directory instead of overwriting your current installation.

New and Improved features

  • [MTC-28228] Added the feature to duplicate ContentField in Edit ContentType
  • [MTC-11067] Added the information of the status of installation of Image Libraries and supporting image formats in the result of mt-check.cgi, System Information in mt.cgi
  • [MTC-8990] Improved performance of Data API and Listing pages
  • [MTC-28408] Displayed less information like paths at database error in mt.cgi. To retrieve more information, set LoggerModule and LoggerPath Configuration Directives
  • [MTC-28382] For TIFF format images, the default thumbnail image is used instead of creating a thumbnail
  • [MTC-28370] Optimized log output at Importing a site
  • [MTC-28366] MT::PSGI now supports psgi.streaming, only applied in mt.cgi. To disable, set Configuration Directive PSGIStreaming 0
  • [MTC-28351] Sorted the information of dependency modules in mt-check.cgi, System Information in mt.cgi
  • [MTC-28340] Displayed a warning message of existence of auto-saving sessions created by other authors in Edit Post page ** [MTC-28413] Limited in 30 days of display the warning message of existence of auto-saving sessions
  • [MTC-28301] Added Configuration Directive HideVersion to force off the version information of the MT tag
  • [MTC-28296] Improved performance with caching Role data
  • [MTC-28289] Displayed an appropriate message in the tooltip hovering over SVG icons
  • [MTC-28268] Files with .webm and .mpeg file extensions are now treated as videos when uploaded
  • [MTC-28255] Set noindex and nofollow meta tag in mt.cgi and mt-upgrade.cgi
  • [MTC-28253] Fixed to don’t remove archive files at storing a draft post as draft
  • [MTC-28249] Fixed unnecessary omission of paging on the list view dialog screen in mt.cgi
  • [MTC-28244] Fixed to don’t send data when an error is detected at sending a email via SMTP server
  • [MTC-28236] Improved performance of creating menu in Edit Category page
  • [MTC-28229] Displayed a confirmation dialog at deleting a ContentField
  • [MTC-28227] Updated TinyMCE to 5.10.2
  • [MTC-28225] Enabled to add system permissions with Plugins

  • [MTC-28193] Added a tool “fixcdbycfidx” to reflect the values from mtcfindex table to mt_cd table

  • [MTC-28144] Added to output OpenAPI JSON Schema 3.0 of Data API
  • [MTC-28133] Fixed to remove unnecessary EXIF data as default, and added Configuration Directive ForceExifRemoval to disable it

  • [MTC-28128] Fixed to do not to hide the file name uploaded until thumbnail appeared on Upload Assets page

  • [MTC-28044] Used MIME::Lite for sending email as default. Added Configuration Directive MailModule to select a module. To keep backward compatibility, set MailModule MT::Mail. Added Configuration Directive MailTransferEncoding to specify the Content-Transfer-Encoding header
  • [MTC-28006] Adjusted the draggable area of CustomField for sorting, not to including the description
  • [MTC-27919] Updated jQuery UI to 1.13.0.
  • [MTC-27662] Deprecated Configuration Directive EmailReplyTo
  • [MTC-27652] Added Configuration Directive MaxUserSession to specify the upper limitation number of storable user sessions
  • [MTC-27412] Added Configuration Directive DisableImagePopup to hide “Display in popup” setting when inserting an image
  • [MTC-26747] Added Configuration Directive TemporaryFileExpiration to specify the interval of execution the task of temporary file deletion by run-periodic-tasks
  • [SUPPORT-138] Group creation, update, and deletion operations are now logged
  • [SUPPORT-88] Added to set the display size of the thumbnail of the selected images on Image Asset Field of ContentType
  • [SUPPORT-85] Made the message at user deletion clearer
  • [CLOUD-95] Log data now not included at Export a Site

    Movable Type Advanced

  • [MTC-28278] Fixed to check the existence of the index before execute DROP INDEX at using Oracle DBMS


  • [MTC-11092] Added the permission of “Manage of Server Synchronization”

Resolved issues

  • [MTC-28417] Fixed an issue where log level filters created in versions r.5001 / 6.8.1 and earlier were not upgraded to their previous values
  • [MTC-28415] Fixed the link to the breadcrumb list “Groups” on the Edit Group page
  • [MTC-28414] Fixed to keep log level during upgrading to version 7 from 6.8.1 and earlier
  • [MTC-28378] Fixed an issue do not store CustomField values of comment when marked as junk
  • [MTC-28377] Improved caching of Dynamic Publishing
  • [MTC-28373] Improved the handing of the small images such as favicon in Listing View
  • [MTC-28369] Fixed the error at upgrading from version 4 or 5, due to degradation of [MTC-27447]
  • [MTC-28359] Fixed an issue that caused an error when searching for a site in the authorization dialog if a child site without a parent site exists
  • [MTC-28355] Fixed an issue in which the category list could not be retrieved by the CategorySet API without authentication when there are sites that have suppressed the use of the Data API
  • [MTC-28350] Fixed not to output unnecessary error log in executing mt-wizard.cgi
  • [MTC-28342] Fixed an issue that prevented users with only template editing privileges from performing site-related searches on mt.cgi
  • [MTC-28341] Fixed DataAPI response data type to be treated as number but text
  • [MTC-28337] Fixed an issue where the MT tag could return the value of another cached field when targeting multiple category fields of the same content type
  • [MTC-28331] Fixed an issue that prevented searching websites in the Authorization modal window
  • [MTC-28330] Fixed to retrieve Asset List of a site only having privilege for the site
  • [MTC-28316] Fixed to delete unnecessary columns or indexes at upgrading
  • [MTC-28314] Fixed an issue where an error would occur when deleting a folder and the folder could not be deleted
  • [MTC-28307] Fixed an issue that caused the created thumbnails to be black when the Configuration Directive ImageDriver was set to GD
  • [MTC-28264] Fixed an issue where images could not be displayed on the “Edit Asset” for the first time after the images upload
  • [MTC-28262] Fixed DatePicker displays next/prev month arrows correctly
  • [MTC-28259] Fixed an issue where increasing the value of the Configuration Directive RequiredCompatibility would cause an error in the comment/trackback plugin
  • [MTC-28243] Fixed an issue in which the date/time range of the inner MTArchiveList would not fit within the range of the outer list when the MTArchiveList was nested
  • [MTC-28237] Fixed an issue in which unnecessary CRLF were inserted in the mail header when the Configuration Directive MailTransfer was set to “sendmail” and mail could not be sent properly
  • [MTC-28231] Fixed to show error when a database error occurred in posting a comment
  • [MTC-28223] Fixed an issue during upgrade where sign-in privileges were not granted to users who were invalid at the time of upgrade
  • [MTC-28213] Fixed a problem in dynamic publishing where the $ sign in attribute values was compiled as a variable
  • [MTC-28195] Fixed to select only one image in CustomField of Image
  • [MTC-28181] Removed the unused methods of cachepingcounts and cachecommnetcounts in Dynamic Publishing
  • [MTC-28179] Fixed an issue that could cause an error when specifying “Author-Daily” as archive_type in the MT tag in Dynamic Publishing
  • [MTC-28178] Fixed to enable cache with Memcached in Dynamic Publishing
  • [MTC-28160] Fixed , , , and not returning anything in Dynamic Publishing when the comment/trackback plugin is not installed
  • [MTC-28134] Image EXIF data now not stored in MT::Asset::Image
  • [MTC-28131] Fixed an issue where images were not displayed when hovering the mouse over the image link display in the asset list widget in Edit Post or Page
  • [MTC-28114] Fixed an issue where the selection of metadata categories in the display options did not work correctly in Edit Post or Page
  • [MTC-28088] Only CRLF is now used when sending mail
  • [MTC-27657] Removed unnecessary warning messages from the log file specified with Configuration Directive PHPErrorLogFilePath
  • [MTC-26810] Fixed to use title element within svg tag by SVG 1.1 specification
  • [MTC-26772] Fixed an issue where an error would appear on the asset list screen when uploading a BMP file with negative values for height and width
  • [MTC-26649] Fixed an issue in which the template of the parent site was initialized instead of the child site when “Initialize Template” of the child site was executed in the child site
  • [MTC-26485] Fixed an issue in which adding a category to a category set in DataAPI did not change the count of the category in the category set list screen
  • [MTC-26481] Fixed an issue in which ContentData could not be created without specifying a data field when creating ContentData with arbitrarily specified Category fields and Asset-based fields in the Data API.
  • [MTC-26418] When selecting assets in the asset field on Edit ContentData, assets of child sites are no longer displayed.
  • [MTC-26217] Fixed to include maxrevisionscd in Site resource
  • [MTC-25255] Fixed a timeout when Post a new Entry if there are a large number of users with blog privileges
  • [MTC-10756] Fixed an issue in which “Use of uninitialized value in join or string” was displayed in [System] - [Settings] - [System Information] of mt.cgi and mt-check.cgi
  • [SUPPORT-139] Fixed an issue with no log output when Importing a site with a manifest file
  • [SUPPORT-122] Fixed an issue that could prevent the search/replace function from working when using PSGI, FastCGI with multiple users with different privileges
  • [SUPPORT-120] Fixed an issue in which AND, OR, and NOT did not work when ID is specified as the value of SearchContentTypes in mt-cdsearch.cgi
  • [SUPPORT-108] The “li” button now works with Markdown as text filter in Edit Post and Page
  • [SUPPORT-107] Fixed to insert a link as Markdown format with link button when Markdown set as text filter
  • [MTC-28339] Removed unnecessary L10N in MT Tag

    Movable Type Advanced

  • [MTC-28319] Fixed an issue in which using the MT tag for a CategoryField of a ContentType in Dynamic Publishing with Oracle database

  • [MTC-28215] Fixed some features that did not work due to NOT NULL constraint with Oracle database
  • [MTC-28211] Fixed an issue that caused upgrade failure with Oracle database


  • [SUPPORT-113] Fixed an issue with missing closing ‘’ in some log messages for server sync errors.

  • [CLOUD-130] Fixed an issue in which an error would occur in the case many sync were queued repeatedly

Thanks To

Many bug fixes and patch offerings reported by the Movable Type community are included in this release. The names of community members who provided patches and bug reports through Jira are as follows. I appreciate your cooperation! (In no particular order, titles omitted)

Alfasado - MTC-25255
Akihiro Date - MTC-28340