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Movable Type 7 r.4706 (7.6.0) Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released February 24, 2021.

This version includes several changes and bug fixes and security fixes.

When updating, it is strongly recommended that you take a snapshot of the database before updating, then install Movable Type in a different directory instead of overwriting your current installation.

Updated functions

  • [MTC-27606] The site name is editable when importing a site.
  • [MTC-27669] New configuration directive: LoggerConfig, pass to configure file path using Log4perl as LoggerModule, to change log file and format.
  • [MTC-27668] New configuration directive: LoggerFileName, the file path of console log.
  • [MTC-27605] Add to Log the starting and ending when importing a site.
  • [MTC-27594] Add a modifier to MTStatsSnippet gtag=”1” to output gtag.js.
  • [MTC-27587] New configuration directive: PHPErrorLogFilePath, the file path of PHP error log at Dynamic Publishing.
  • [MTC-27459] Add date-time information to the title attribute of date field of list view.
  • [MTC-27136] Enable rich text editing on mobile and tablet devices.
  • [MTC-26536] Add a content field to show text on the editing page.
  • [MTC-26312] New configuration directive: ExportTempDir, a folder path for the Backup file.
  • [MTC-25947] The configuration directive: UserSessionTimeout is the time from the last action, not the time from signing in.

Sync.pack (Movable Type Advanced)

  • [MTC-27677] Change the unit of manage synchronized file list by host, directory, ftp_username, port and SSL flag, from by host and directory.
  • [MTC-27598] Log connection error at storing a sync setting.
  • [MTC-26905] Add email addresses of notification to sync log.

Updated Functions

  • [MTC-27620] Add meta data to console log via MT::Util::Log.
  • [MTC-27607] Update IO::Socket::IP to 0.41
  • [MTC-27593] Disabled OpenID of
  • [MTC-27585] Update Data::ObjectDriver to 0.21
  • [MTC-27580] Hide unnecessary content type information at editing templates.
  • [MTC-27263] Remove unnecessary files for a-table.js.

Sync.pack (Movable Type Advanced)

  • [MTC-26756] Remove unnecessary parameters in sync setting.
  • [MTC-26723] Disable the “Sync Now” link at editing sync setting.

Resolved issues.

Security Fixes

  • [MTC-27632] Fixed XSS at the modal of inserting an asset.
  • [MTC-27630] Fixed XSS at adding an asset of ContentField.
  • [MTC-27629] Fixed XSS at the modal of editing roles.

Sync.pack (Movable Type Advanced)

  • [MTC-27666] Fixed an error at finishing with IO::Socket::SSL 2.060 or older versions.
  • [MTC-27086] Fixed to send notification mail at starting sync correctly.


  • [MTC-27705] Fixed to work Location header using MTContentType tag with Dynamic Publishing.
  • [MTC-27707] Fixed to work HTTPContentType in ContentType archive with Dynamic Publishing.
  • [MTC-27691] Fix to work the buttons of text color and background color of TinyMCE5.
  • [MTC-27685] Fix not to display “Unknown error” at Replacing, though the replacing has been done.
  • [MTC-27680] Fix to scroll to the top of the editor when clicking format buttons in editor except rich text.
  • [MTC-27648] Fix to show multiple line text fields when TinyMCE disabled.
  • [MTC-27592] Fix to show error message at sending a test mail with no EmailAddressMain setting.
  • [MTC-27536] Fix to handle timezone of logs at system dashboard page.
  • [MTC-27466] Fix localization of “Preferred” at editing archive mapping.
  • [MTC-26617] Fix to show preview of an entry when the preferred archive type is not “Individual Entry”.

Deprecated in a future version

  • [MTC-27662] The configure directive EmailReplyTo is deprecated.
  • [MTC-27297] The OpenID plugin is deprecated.

Thanks To

Many bug fixes and patch offerings reported by the Movable Type community are included in this release. The names of community members who provided patches and bug reports through Jira are as follows. I appreciate your cooperation! (In no particular order, titles omitted)

  • ArkWeb - MTC-27705