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Movable Type 7 r.4609 (7.4.0) Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released August 19, 2020.

Movable Type 7 r.4609 includes several changes and bug fixes.

When updating, it is strongly recommended that you take a snapshot of the database before updating, then install Movable Type in a different directory instead of overwriting your current installation.

New and improved functions

  • [MTC-27374] Improved the behavior of double line feeds in “Convert to Linefeed”.
  • [MTC-27373] Improved the behavior of line ending with decoration and anchor tags in “Convert to Linefeed”.
  • [MTC-27365] Improved the behavior of html comments in “Convert to Linefeed”.
  • [MTC-27303] Added GraphicsMagick support as an ImageDriver.
  • [MTC-27028] Improved the message when the module needed for the OpenID plugin is not found.
  • [MTC-26258] Improved to show the process time for each template when enabling PerformanceLogging.
  • [MTC-25596] Added MTParentSite tag, alias of MTSiteParentSite.
  • [MTC-25536] Improved the order of Database drivers at installation.
  • [MTC-25161] Improved the performance of Backup / Restore.
  • [MTC-25140] Insert 1 as default row and column value in a new Table ContentField.

Updated functions

  • [MTC-27248] Updated TinyMCE to 5.2.2.
  • [MTC-27336] Updated jQuery UI to 1.12.1.
  • [MTC-27335] Changed the log level of some unimportant log messages to debug.
  • [MTC-27267] Updated ADOdb to 5.20.17.
  • [MTC-27261] Now not inserting line feeds in notification emails with emojis.
  • [MTC-26912] Removed Crypt::SSLeay related messages.
  • [MTC-26257] Enabled setting a float value like 0.03 as Performance Logging Threshold.
  • [MTC-24908] Disabled drag and drop of images on Rich Text with FireFox to avoid inserting images as BASE64 img tags.
  • [MTC-9914] Fixed the label to confirm initialize template.

Resolved Issues

Sync.pack (bundled in Movable Type Advanced)

  • [MTC-27390] Fixed to remove directories in destination server when directories are deleted in source server.
  • [MTC-27388] Fixed to use colon in ASCII, instead of Unicode fullwidth colon in the notification email.
  • [MTC-27387] Fixed to show the name of setting correctly in notification email.


  • [MTC-27382] Fixed to set default roles correctly when creating a new author.
  • [MTC-27381] Fixed not to show irregular message when uploading png images.
  • [MTC-27339] Fixed to focus the text field correctly when creating sub-categories.
  • [MTC-27337] Fixed a log message when changing statuses of ContentData.
  • [MTC-27330] Fixed mojibake at complete installation on WindowsServer.
  • [MTC-27312] Fixed to show the circle graph of disk usage correctly in Movable Type Cloud.
  • [MTC-27311] Fixed an issue of not searching some fields edited with Block Editor.
  • [MTC-27308] Fixed not to duplicate footer button in Block Editor dialog.
  • [MTC-27300] Fixed to show filter items correctly when duplicating date-based filter twice in listing view.
  • [MTC-27294] Fixed the message when no result is found in Search and Replace.
  • [MTC-27291] Fixed to pass 0 as Plack::Middleware option.
  • [MTC-27290] Fixed to store the setting of registrations in comments.
  • [MTC-27289] Fixed an error not getting Content Data in some cases via Data API.
  • [MTC-27283] Fixed to replace image assets of Block Editor in Search and Replace
  • [MTC-27255] Fixed to not go to Dashboard page when pressing the Enter key when adding Sub-Categories.
  • [MTC-27214] Fixed the message when clicking the “Replace checked” button without selecting any items.
  • [MTC-27194] Fixed to reflect text styles when copying and pasting to Rich Text Editor in Chrome browser.
  • [MTC-27149] Fixed L10N phrases of filter items in Search and Replace
  • [MTC-27023] FIxed to not show error messages of riot-compiler.js on console of Developer Tools.
  • [MTC-26692] Fixed to show modal dialog when uploading a user profile picture
  • [MTC-26425] Fixed date picker of filter in Listing view.
  • [MTC-26350] Fixed the cursor behavior when copying in Rich Text Editor.
  • [MTC-26299] Fixed to redirect to the same listing view instead of dashboard after logging in due to session timeout.
  • [MTC-26295] Fixed to not show an error message when registering commenter with DebugMode 1.
  • [MTC-25987] Fixed the line numbers disappearing in code highlight mode when editing a template.
  • [MTC-25921] Fixed item labels duplicated when editing image in Block Editor.
  • [MTC-25918] Fixed ArchiveLink in a Content Type List Archive referencing other Content Types.
  • [MTC-25916] Fixed the phrase on the tooltip for the boilerplate of Rich Text Editor.
  • [MTC-25804] Fixed to show an error message when deleting email address from form in Address Book.
  • [MTC-25787] Fixed styles in full screen view when editing an entry.
  • [MTC-25723] Fixed the error message when sending emails.
  • [MTC-25404] Fixed breadcrumbs of Rebuild Trigger.
  • [MTC-9894] Fixed to be able to change the height of the textarea of the Body field on IE11 and Edge.
  • [MTC-9415] Fixed to not change values of attributes like onclick of text in Rich Text Editor.
  • [MTC-3607] Fixed to sort the value of IncludeBlogs in PagerLink Tag.


Many bug fixes and patch offerings reported by the Movable Type community are included in this release. The names of community members who provided patches and bug reports through Jira are as follows. I appreciate your cooperation! (In no particular order, titles omitted)

  • Skyarc - MTC-27300, MTC-27381
  • Sekiguchi, HAMWORKS - MTC-25987
  • Asami Yamamoto - MTC-25921
  • Shohei Asada - MTC-25916
  • Nobuo Yamanaka - MTC-25787