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Movable Type 7 r.4502 (v7.1) Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released January 15, 2019.

Movable Type version 7 r.4502 (v7.1) includes several changes, including security fixes. When updating, it is strongly recommended that you take a snapshot of the database before updating, then install in a different directory instead of overwriting your current installation.

Security Patches

  • [MTC-25556] [MTC-25555] If a compressed file (tar.gz or zip) contains a symbolic link or absolute path, an error will now occur at decompression.

New And Improved Functions

Optimized for mobile devices

Movable Type 7.1 is optimized for mobile devices. You can create and manage any content such as entries and pages without any plugins.

When you browse with a mobile device like a smartphone, you can create and manage content data, entries, pages, and upload and manage assets and manage categories. Some features cannot be done in mobile device view, but when you change to “PC View” mode then you can do all of them.

Content Sync

Immediate delivery changed to background processing

In previous versions, when immediate delivery was executed, processing was done in real time on the browser. However, when the number of target files is enormous, there was a problem that processing timed out. In order to solve this problem, we changed the processing method from real-time distribution on the browser to background distribution using run-periodic-tasks.

When immediate delivery is registered, distribution processing is executed when the next run-periodic-tasks is executed. A notification e-mail is sent when distribution is started.

In environments where run-periodic-tasks is not executed periodically, immediate delivery is not performed.

Following this change, there are some restrictions. * When immediate delivery is executed for multiple server delivery settings, processing is executed in the order in which they were registered. * For the same server delivery setting, if scheduled delivery is executed before immediate delivery, immediate delivery will not be executed.

Clarification of authentication error

Changed the error message to be appropriate when user authentication error occurs when connecting to FTP server.

Support TLS 1.1 / 1.2

When connecting to ftp server with FTP over SSL, connection using TLS 1.1 / 1.2 has been enabled.

Dynamic Publishing now supports Content Type

Template tags related to content types such as MTContents have been made available for Dynamic Publishing.

Group Management as a Core Function

By using group management, you can manage permissions on a group basis as well as on a per-user basis. When a new user is added, a user’s affiliation changes, etc., permissions can be granted by joining the user to the appropriate group. You can manage the user’s privileges by editing it or deleting it from the group.

Performance Improvement

  • [MTC-25815] Improved time taken to post articles when rebuild trigger is set.

For Developers

  • [MTC-25710] You can now define list_properties and list_actions that are common to all content data. To be defined by list_properties > content_data or list_actions > content_data.

Added New Callbacks


This callback is called when server sync is executed, just before actually exchanging files.

  • $cb
    The callback object

  • $blog_id
    The ID of the target site

  • $setting_id
    The ID of sync setting

  • $trigger
    SyncScheduled … schedule delivery
    SyncNow … immediate delivery

  • $force
    The flag to force all files sync or not.


This callback is called when all server sync processing has completed successfully.

  • $cb
    The callback object

  • $blog_id
    The ID of the target site

  • $setting_id
    The ID of sync setting

  • $trigger
    SyncScheduled … schedule delivery
    SyncNow … immediate delivery


This callback is called before server sync processing. It can be used for filtering the list of target files.

  • $cb
    The callback object

  • $blog_id
    The ID of the target site

  • $setting_id
    The ID of sync setting

  • $file_list
    The array of target files.


  • [MTC-25599] MTSiteIfCCLicense tag has been added. The operation is similar to the MTBlogIfCCLicense tag.

Updated Functions

Content type

  • [MTC-25902] The include_blogs / exclude_blogs / blog_ids / site_ids modifier is not available for the MTContents tag.

Template Tags

  • [MTC-25498] MTContentAuthorLink with type modifier of ‘author’ is now linked to ContentType -Author archive instead of Author archive for entries.
  • [MTC-25480] The limit modifier of MTContents no longer uses entries per days or entries per count settings. The default value of limit is 10.


  • [MTC-25751] Bundled Net::FTPSSL is up-to-date.
  • [MTC-25663] ADOdb version has been updated to v5.20.12.
  • [MTC-25600] The MTPingSiteName tag has been deleted. The MTPingBlogName tag is still available.
  • [MTC-25598] The MTSiteIfCommentsOpen tag is now provided by the Comments plugin. It is not available if Comments plugin is disabled.
  • [MTC-25484] The link to CPAN modules has been changed from search.cpan.og to



  • [MTC-25908] Image inserting now works with “image with original size in popup window enabled” option if ‘Image popup’ template does not exist.
  • [MTC-25807] Solved an issue that the progress bar continued to operate when an asset upload failed.
  • [MTC-25595] The file type thumbnail in asset insertion modal now displays.

    Data API

  • [MTC-25639] Solved an issue where a JavaScript error occurred in the authentication form called with authorization method.

  • [MTC-25526] A new user who is created by Data API now can to sign-in to administration screen.

Import / Export

  • [MTC-25835] The category field and Date & Time field of content type archives now set when importing site data.
  • [MTC-25831] Solved an issue that the markup of import modal window was not correct.
  • [MTC-25606] Site data importing now works.
  • [MTC-25584] Updating the link of the content type and the template now works when importing site data.

For Developers

  • [MTC-25940] The list_properties of content types now update partially from the plugin.
  • [MTC-25939] The name of callback is normalized to the cms_pre_load_filtered_list.content_data.
  • [MTC-25909] The listing filter now works when expanded by the plugin.
  • [MTC-25906] Adding system filter now works when target object is the content type.
  • [MTC-25867] The cms_save_filter.content_data callback now works that is fired before saving content data.
  • [MTC-25844] The record of mt_fileinfo now generates when rebuilding content type archives.
  • [MTC-25834] The record of mt_fileinfo now updates when rebuilding content type archives.
  • [MTC-25513] Appending a new field for MT::ContentData now works from the plugin.

Category Set

  • [MTC-25560] Resolved an issue where count of content type in category-set listing screen is not correct.

Entries & Pages

  • [MTC-25930] Resolved an issue of modal style collapsing when description of a boilerplate is too long.
  • [MTC-25865] The status icon now displays on the Edit entry screen.
  • [MTC-25864] Improves the style of current selected revision to easily recognize it in the list of revision histories.
  • [MTC-25579] Resolved an issue where input contents are cleared when switching to HTML mode if using rich text.
  • [MTC-25497] Content saving now works when trackback destination URL exists in the contents of an entry.

Permissions and Roles

  • [MTC-25257] The order of permissions on the role edit screen does not change each time it is loaded.

Comments & Trackbacks

  • [MTC-25508] Comments and Trackbacks filtering now works when filtered by status.

Content Type

  • [MTC-25984] Resolved an issue where text field values are not escaped.
  • [MTC-25976] Resolved an issue where the browser scrolls and sets focus to multi line text field unexpectedly.
  • [MTC-25920] Resolved an issue where an error occurs when deleting content types.
  • [MTC-25914] Unlink categories and content data correctly when deleting categories in category set.
  • [MTC-25896] Changing format for multi line text field now works.
  • [MTC-25884] Input validation now works when field type is embedded-text field.
  • [MTC-25877] Resolved an issue where “Published Date”, “Created Date” and “Updated Date” cannot be removed from content data listing table.
  • [MTC-25874] MTContentLabel tag now outputs correct value when previewing content data.
  • [MTC-25872] The identifier of content data that changed before preview is now reflected correctly when browsing back from preview screen.
  • [MTC-25869] Removed unnecessary INPUT element in preview screen.
  • [MTC-25868] Resolved issue where an error occurs when an unnecessary parameter is specified in content data editing screen.
  • [MTC-25862] The link of archive file in content data list will never be shown if archive type is not defined.
  • [MTC-25850] Compile error will be shown if MTContents tag without content_type modifier is used in an index template.
  • [MTC-25848] Search and replace now works even if block editor is installed.
  • [MTC-25847] Template previewing now works when archive type is content type and there are multiple content types.
  • [MTC-25832] Managing content data now works if user has “Manage content data” privilege.
  • [MTC-25824] Resolved an issue where content data was not displayed in the content data list.
  • [MTC-25732] Listing filter now works when filtered by content type field.
  • [MTC-25729] Resolved issue where an error occurs when clicking “Edit” or “Save” on the preview screen if PreviewInNewWindow is 0.
  • [MTC-25719] The status will be changed to unpublished correctly when the content is unpublished.
  • [MTC-25647] Resolved an issue where the value of tag field is changed to the ID when input validation failed.
  • [MTC-25630] Resolved an issue where an error occurs when displaying the update history of content data with table type content fields.
  • [MTC-25618] Resolved an issue where the status icon was not indicated in the content data update history modal.
  • [MTC-25608] Resolved an issue where content type archives sometimes do not generate archive files according to archive mapping.
  • [MTC-25585] Resolved issue to redirect to top page when previewing content data if content type archive does not exist.
  • [MTC-25576] Resolved issue where an error occurs when previewing content data with content type field.
  • [MTC-25538] Resolved an issue where categories were not loaded in category set fields on the content data editing screen.
  • [MTC-25522] Resolved an issue where the value of numeric fields were not hit by search.
  • [MTC-25501] Converting Markdown to html now works when the format of multi line text is markdown.
  • [MTC-25428] Adjusted the field size for the time field.
  • [MTC-25427] Adjusted the field size for the date field.
  • [MTC-25426] Resolved an issue where the “archive_class” template variable was not correct for date-based content type archives.
  • [MTC-25423] The “archive_listing” template variable will never be enabled when archive type is not listing archives.
  • [MTC-11676] Improves the listing table so the style does not collapse even when the width of the table is too long.

Content Sync

  • [MTC - 25646] Fixed an issue where server certificate verification was done even when 1 was specified for SSLVerifyNone or FTPSSSLVerifyNone.
  • [MTC-25568] Content syncing now works when destination server is Windows Server.
  • [MTC-25520] Resolved an issue where the remote file is overwritten with a different file when content sync processes are running simultaneously for some reason.

System General

  • [MTC-25924] Resolved an issue where an error occurred when retrieving the system log feed.
  • [MTC-25891] Resolved an issue where an error occurred when rebuilding was executed using the publish queue.
  • [MTC-25870] Resolved an issue where search and replace is executing on the system wide scope even if executed from site level.
  • [MTC-25861] Resolved an issue that the setting of default insertion option for assets is not saved.
  • [MTC-25855] Resolved an issue where the restriction IP address accepts a value that is not an IP address.
  • [MTC-25809] Resolved an issue where the contents of the log filter item “Class” was difficult to distinguish.
  • [MTC-25604] Resolved an issue where SMTP authentication fails when “?” Is included in the value of SMTPPassword configuration directive.
  • [MTC-25493] Resolved an issue where JS and CSS files were not loaded from browser cache.

Dynamic Publishing

  • [MTC-25803] Resolved an issue where MTAuthors tag with need_entry modifier returns incorrect values when using Oracle database.


  • [MTC-25495] Resolved an issue where name, description, category_field, category_set, content_type, datetime_field, source are not translated when applying theme in theme.yaml. When translating, you need to write <__ trans phrase = "xxx">.


  • [MTC-25455] Resolved an issue where errors occurred when template initialization was done.

Template Tags

  • [MTC-25557] MTElse block in MTContents now works when MTContents has no data.
  • [MTC-25486] Resolved an issue where an unexpected field will be picked up when a field specified by the content_field modifier does not exists.
  • [MTC-25440] Resolved an issue where an error may occur when specifying a character string in the content_type modifier.

    Block Editor

  • [MTC-25592] Resolved an issue where the Block Addition Modal was not translated correctly when the language used is English.

  • [MTC-25516] Resolved an issue where an unnecessary icon was shown in footer when dragging and dropping files to the image block.
  • [MTC-25503] Resolved an issue that TinyMCE cannot be used when changing format from Block Editor to Rich Editor.
  • [MTC-25502] Resolved an issue where 404 error occurred when loading JS file.

Listing Framework

  • [MTC-25554] Resolved issue of unnecessary escaping when filter name was changed.


Many bug fixes and patch offerings reported by the Movable Type community are included in this release. The names of community members who provided patches and bug reports through Jira are as follows. I appreciate your cooperation! (In no particular order, titles omitted)

  • Makoto Tajima (MTC-25647, MTC-25639, MTC-25503, MTC-25502)
  • Yujiro Araki (MTC-25618)
  • Tokiwa Shokai, Kobayashi (MTC-25595)
  • Fujimoto Ichi (MTC-25579)
  • Nakedsushi (MTC-25526)
  • Yuki Sekiguchi (MTC-25501)
  • Nobuo Yamanaka (MTC-25497)