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Movable Type 6.8.6 Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released May 11, 2022.

This version includes several changes and bug fixes.

When updating, it is strongly recommended that you take a snapshot of the database before updating, then install Movable Type in a different directory instead of overwriting your current installation.

New and Improved features

  • [MTC-28408] Displayed less information like paths at database error in mt.cgi. To retrieve more information, set LoggerModule and LoggerPath Configuration Directives
  • [MTC-28301] Added Configuration Directive HideVersion to force off the version information of the MT tag
  • [MTC-28255] Set noindex and nofollow meta tag in mt.cgi and mt-upgrade.cgi
  • [MTC-28253] Fixed to don’t remove archive files at storing a draft post as draft
  • [MTC-28227] Updated TinyMCE to 5.10.2
  • [MTC-27412] Added Configuration Directive DisableImagePopup to hide “Display in popup” setting when inserting an image
  • [SUPPORT-85] Made the message at user deletion clearer
  • [CLOUD-95] Log data now not included at Export a Site

    Resolved issues

  • [MTC-28447] Fixed an error that occurred when inserting an image with the “Link to original size image in popup window” option enabled when no template for Popup a image exists

  • [MTC-28417] Fixed an issue where log level filters created in versions r.5001 / 6.8.1 and earlier were not upgraded to their previous values
  • [MTC-28378] Fixed an issue do not store CustomField values of comment when marked as junk
  • [MTC-28342] Fixed an issue that prevented users with only template editing privileges from performing site-related searches on mt.cgi
  • [MTC-28330] Fixed to retrieve Asset List of a site only having privilege for the site
  • [MTC-28307] Fixed an issue that caused the created thumbnails to be black when the Configuration Directive ImageDriver was set to GD
  • [MTC-28264] Fixed an issue where images could not be displayed on the “Edit Asset” for the first time after the images upload
  • [MTC-28243] Fixed an issue in which the date/time range of the inner MTArchiveList would not fit within the range of the outer list when the MTArchiveList was nested
  • [MTC-28237] Fixed an issue in which unnecessary CRLF were inserted in the mail header when the Configuration Directive MailTransfer was set to “sendmail” and mail could not be sent properly
  • [MTC-28231] Fixed to show error when a database error occurred in posting a comment
  • [MTC-25255] Fixed a timeout when Post a new Entry if there are a large number of users with blog privileges
  • [SUPPORT-122] Fixed an issue that could prevent the search/replace function from working when using PSGI, FastCGI with multiple users with different privileges


  • [SUPPORT-113] Fixed an issue with missing closing ‘’ in some log messages for server sync errors.

  • [CLOUD-130] Fixed an issue in which an error would occur in the case many sync were queued repeatedly


  • [MTC-28057] Fixed DOM structure in Edit Post and Page

Updated on May 18, 2022:

We’ve released a patch for Movable Type 6.8.6 to fix an isssue that disapeear Category selection UI on Edit a post with Smartphone.

Thanks To

Many bug fixes and patch offerings reported by the Movable Type community are included in this release. The names of community members who provided patches and bug reports through Jira are as follows. I appreciate your cooperation! (In no particular order, titles omitted)

Alfasado - MTC-25255