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Movable Type 6.8.4 Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released December 1, 2021.

This version includes several changes and bug fixes.

New and improved features

  • [MTC-27656] PHP 8.0 is now supported, including Dynamic Publishing. The related libraries have also been updated. The required version is changed to PHP 5.5 and later.
    • [MTC-27816] Updated Smarty to 3.1.39
    • [MTC-27813] Updated ADOdb to 5.20.20
  • [MTC-28061] Supported zip and tar commands on the server at exporting sites, entries or themes, improved usage of memory. To enable, Set 1 to the new configure directive UseExternalArchiver.
  • [MTC-11097] Added user column in CSV of Activity log
  • [CLOUD-84] Improved the response of List Assets.
    • [MTC-28130] Added an option not to generate thumbnail file automatically in MT::Asset::Image::thumbnail_file
    • [MTC-28129] Improved not to generate thumbnail files if possible.
    • [MTC-28127] Improved not to retrieve tag information unnecessary in List Assets
    • [MTC-28070] Improved not to scan image files unnecessary
    • [MTC-28069] Omitted unnecessary processes in MT::Util::assetfromurl
  • Updated Linux kernel version to 5.10 (MT AMI)

Security improvement

  • [MTC-27763] Updated jQuery to 3.6.0
  • [MTC-27447] Fixed to restore a password in current format when the password had been stored in the old format.

Updated functions

  • [MTC-28072] Disabled Hatena ID authentication due to termination of Hatena ID OpenID support.
  • [MTC-28055] Enabled the attribution of TinyMCE
  • [MTC-28045] Updated to use �Compress level� not �Quality� for PNG images in Image Quality Setting
  • [MTC-26419] Unbundled the Theme �Pico�. �Pico� is now available under MIT License
  • [MTC-27674] Reduced log related run-periodic-tasks

Resolved issues

Sync.pack (Movable Type Advanced)

  • [MTC-28022] Fixed to recover directories in the destination with rsync


  • [MTC-28138] Fixed to update the modified_at field of Author at password reset
  • [MTC-28084] Fixed List View correctly at non UTF8 environments
  • [MTC-28083] Fixed to show the Author named �0� correctly in List View
  • [MTC-28064] Fixed to show a select box to select author/group in the dialog of Role
  • [MTC-28063] Fixed to enable to search groups when granting permissions from Roles
  • [MTC-28041] Fixed List View with unknown column settings
  • [MTC-28034] Fixed to disappear a warning message when the Theme version includes non number literals
  • [MTC-28033] Fixed an issue where Archive URL may not be stored when duplicating a site
  • [MTC-27993] Fixed pagination in List View not to show unnecessary �…�
  • [MTC-27986] Fixed to show �Sites� instead of �Blog� in error messages
  • [MTC-27977] Fixed log messages when creating and deleting ContentData
  • [MTC-27971] Fixed an issue that activity log may not stored when wrong password
  • [MTC-27864] Fixed not to error when Assets have irregular extensions.
  • [MTC-26730] Fixed to work all rebuild triggers for a site, not only an trigger
  • [MTC-26470] Fixed to store �0� in table fields of ContentType
  • [MTC-25994] Fixed an issue a site may not be deleted with invalid permission error when deleting a site
  • [MTC-25965] Fixed to work upgrade from MT6 to MT7 with Oracle Database when setting DBIRaiseError 1.
  • [MTC-24902] Fixed alignments of checkbox and text
  • [MTC-8552] Fixed a problem that Plugin Settings may not be enabled though setting in mt-config.cgi
  • [MTC-27139] Fixed some terms related Data API
  • [SUPPORT-45] Fixed not to generate Category-Archive that is unintended when enabling �Publish Category-Archive without Entry.
  • [SUPPORT-18] Fixed an error �duplicated field names� though the field names were not duplicated
  • [MTC-28078] Removed unnecessary files that are used only in development
  • [MTC-28027] Optimized the code in run-periodic-tasks
  • [MTC-28047] Fixed an issue to convert automatically with ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick whether the setting is set or not
  • [MTC-28046] Fixed to enable the Quality Setting with ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick


Many bug fixes and patch offerings reported by the Movable Type community are included in this release. The names of community members who provided patches and bug reports through Jira are as follows. We appreciate your cooperation! (In no particular order, titles omitted)

  • Kazuto Sueyoshi - MTC-26730
  • Takayuki Yokoyama - MTC-25994
  • Geomanage Corporation - MTC-11097