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Movable Type 6.8.1 Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released August 25, 2021.

Movable Type 7 r.5001 (7.8.0) and 6.8.1 release notes

These versions include several changes, bug fixes, and security fixes.

When updating, it is strongly recommended that you take a snapshot of the database before updating, then install Movable Type in a different directory instead of overwriting your current installation.

New and improved features

  • [MTC-27870] Improved the performance of rebuilding MTEntries tag with category, tag and field modifiers
  • [MTC-27869] Improved the performance of rebuilding MTAssets tag with tag modifier
  • [MTC-27839] Added a tool to remove unnecessary data from mt_plugindata: tools/remove-broken-plugindata
  • [MTC-27823] Added a tool to remove sites without parent_id: tools/remove-parent-missing-sites
  • [MTC-27814] Added a tool to remove unnecessary revisions: tools/reduce-revisions
  • [MTC-27810] Removed broken data automatically in the list views of revision histories of Entry, ContentData and Template if exist (MT7)
  • [MTC-27004] Added to log the activities of updating Movable Type itself
  • [MTC-27930] New configuration directive: ReferrerPolicy to control the value of Referrer-Policy header
  • [MTC-27926] Fixed to enable to reload Captcha images
  • [MTC-27897] Fixed to work tools/utf8mb4_converter with utf8mb3 encoding
  • [MTC-27896, 27895] Improved quality and size of Captcha images
  • [MTC-27894] Improved a message about Google Analytics setting.

Updated functions

  • [MTC-27893] Updated Image::ExifTool to 12.26
  • [MTC-27876] Fixed external links to set noreferrer in plugin settings.
  • [MTC-27861] Updated jQuery Validation Plugin to 1.19.3
  • [MTC-27860] Updated TinyMCE to 5.8.1
  • [MTC-27812] Updated JSON and JSON::PP to 4.03, 4.06 in extlib
  • [MTC-27787] Updated CodeMirror to 5.61.1
  • [MTC-27785] Rebuilt mt.css with new version of node libraries
  • [MTC-27764] Updated jQuery Migrate to 3.3.2
  • [MTC-25441] Fixed the label of “Export Entries”
  • [MTC-27948] Removed unnecessary codes related with MT::Blog::is_dynamic (MT7)
  • [MTC-27928] Removed internal version number from system information (MT7)
  • [MTC-27905] Fixed to use GraphicsMagick to generate Captcha image along with Directive ImageDriver setting GraphicsMagick

Resolved issues

Security fixes

  • [MTC-27818, MTC-27797, MTC-27796, MTC-27795, MTC-27794, MTC-27212, MTC-27934] Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in mt.cgi
  • [MTC-27802] Fixed to validate parameters in mt.cgi more robust

sync.pack (Movable Type Advanced)

  • [MTC-27942] Fixed rsync template not to refer external extension template for FTP


  • [MTC-27872] Removed redundant L10N entries
  • [MTC-27858] Fixed not to fail loading js in list_template.tmpl
  • [MTC-27850] Fixed not to set rebuild-trigger redundant (MT7)
  • [MTC-27828] Fixed to show pagination of the result of search assets in block editor of ContentType (MT7)
  • [MTC-27827] Fixed to enable to search all assets
  • [MTC-27599] Fixed not to uncheck options in theme exporting screen
  • [MTC-26950] Fixed to show all child sites with no parent site in listing view
  • [MTC-26948] Fixed an error in mt.cgi when $blog->website is NULL
  • [MTC-26467] Fixed not to edit status of Content Date with a role of ‘Create Content Data’ (MT7)
  • [MTC-25839] Fixed to import manifest in data of export sites
  • [MTC-25816] Fixed to handle server_offset in ContentCalendar tag with Dynamic publishing
  • [MTC-25396] Fixed a modal view of ‘Add Roles’ to show actions
  • [MTC-27982] Fixed not to fail update to update Movable Type with MariaDB 10.5.1 and later in the case to set mysql56_temporal_format=OFF
  • [MTC-27952] Fixed MTCategoryCount tag with Dynamic publishing
  • [MTC-27949] Fixed an error of UUV in the case with no blogsitepath
  • [MTC-27941] Fixed a text of script_url in WXRImporter
  • [MTC-27935] Fixed to escape the title value of a boiler template.
  • [MTC-27932] Fixed a notification text in when the configure directive: ImageDriver is not set
  • [MTC-27931] Fixed a text and link to warn blogsitepath empty
  • [MTC-27923] Fixed to count correctly in MTCategoryCount tag
  • [MTC-27913] Fixed CSS in popup window of ‘Rebuilding’
  • [MTC-27912] Fixed to check the permission to save RebuildTrigger
  • [MTC-27907] Fixed to set locallangid in error pages
  • [MTC-27906] Fixed not to occur the error ‘Odd number of elements in hash assignment’ at exporting a theme
  • [MTC-27899] Fixed L10N of ContentData (MT7)
  • [MTC-27898] Fixed not to warn a UUV at redirecting in PSGI
  • [SUPPORT-9] Fixed tag suggestions in tag field selectable
  • [SUPPORT-10] Fixed tag suggestions in tag field selectable with keyboard actions


We appreciate IPA and JPCERT/CC for handling vulnerability information.