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Movable Type 6.5 Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released April 16, 2019.

Movable Type version 6.5 includes several changes including security fix.

When updating, it is strongly recommended that you take a snapshot of the database before updating, then installing Movable Type in a different directory instead of overwriting your current installation.

New And Improved Functions

Content Sync

If you are using the Content Sync feature, we strongly recommend running the tools/run-periodic-tasks script periodically because Movable Type will remove the sync result file list that is unlinked from sync settings in the database during run-periodic-tasks.

Updated Functions

Template Tags

  • [MTC-26151] In page archives, MTCategoryArchiveLink no longer outputs values except in block tags such as MTCategories and MTSubCategories.


  • [MTC-24995] SQLSetNames configuration directive is removed during upgrade process because character garbling will occur after reconnecting to the database when the value set to 0 and Movable Type is running on the PSGI environment.


Data API

  • [MTC-12955] The response of the Data API now returns correct data.
  • [MTC-10807] The value of a custom field is now keeps a blank value when the field type is Time and the request value is empty.

Entries and pages

  • [MTC-25374] Unexpected <P> tag will never be inserted when input format is changed from markdown to Rich Text.
  • [MTC-24964] Unexpected <object> tag will never be inserted when the body contains a <video> tag and input format is changed to Rich Text from any other input format.
  • [MTC-24960] Published pages will be deleted that are located in a folder before changing the folder when the folder was changed from the bulk edit screen.
  • [MTC-24800] The type modifier of a <script> tag in the body will never be changed when input format is changed to Rich Text from none.
  • [MTC-10045] Displayed images in the rich text editor now can be selected.

Content Sync

  • [MTC-26376] Removing the records in the mt_sync_file_list now works when related content sync settings was removed.
  • [MTC-25465] Resolved an issue where unnecessary messages are output into the access log.
  • [MTC-25062, MTC-24809] The run-periodic-tasks script now works when running on a Windows IIS Server with the Sync.pack.


  • [MTC-26415] Resolved an issue that removes all archive files when changing site path or site url.


  • [MTC-25448] The link of module options was removed.
  • [MTC-25439] The link of publish settings was removed.
  • [MTC-10057] Resolved an issue where a template revision was created when changing a template revision.
  • [MTC-26487] Revises html escape of template edit screen.


  • [MTC-24990] MT::App->log now respects blog_id and author_id when they are specified in a call.


  • [MTC-26008] Resolved an issue when in a persistent environment such as PSGI or FastCGI, a changed object could be cached when making a preview with an existing object.
  • [MTC-25999] Resolved an issue where 0000-00-00 00:00:00 is stored as a value of unpublished date in some database versions.
  • [MTC-25892] Improved input validation of password reset screen.
  • [MTC-25657] Resolved an issue where data was saved even when the file is not generated if the output file name is too long.
  • [MTC-25024] Resolved an issue where an error occurs on sign in and sign out when LoggerLevel is configured without LoggerPath.
  • [MTC-10075] Resolved an issue where not all selected users could be set to account notification email address.


Many bug fixes and patch offerings reported by the Movable Type community are included in this release. The names of community members who provided patches and bug reports through Jira are as follows. I appreciate your cooperation! (In no particular order, titles omitted)

  • Makoto Tajima - MTC-25657, MTC-24990
  • Alfasado Support - MTC-25062, MTC-24964, MTC-24960
  • Shingo Watanabe@alfasado - MTC-10075, MTC-10057, MTC-24809, MTC-26487
  • - MTC-24800