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Movable Type 6.3.3 Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released February 22, 2017.


User Registration

  • Now prohibit use of double-byte characters in password for user. (#114313, #114216)


Websites and Blogs

  • Show the Creative Commons license log now works when settings has been changed to enable. (#114356)

Entries and Pages

  • New user password is not asked for when importing entries using LDAP authentication and ExternalUserManagement is enabled. (#114051)

Smartphone Option

  • Body field height increased automatically when entering any text. (#114175)

Dynamic Publishing

  • Adding new block tag now works when a plugin adds a block tag using addconditionaltag function. (#114302)
  • MTMultiBlog using mode=”context” now outputs content that belongs to all websites and blogs specified by includeblogs / excludeblogs. (#114360)


The release of Movable Type 6.3.3 brings with it a large number of improvements that were made possible by the help and support of Movable Type community members. We would like to include a special shout out to the following members for their contributions to this update:

  • Junnama Noda (#114302, #114216)
  • taiju@alfasado (#114313)