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Movable Type 6.2.2 Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released November 25, 2015.


Improved upload destination path settings

In previous versions, users can choose an upload destination from the listed values only, which makes it difficult to insert a path that a user wants.
In this version, users can customize the upload destination path freely.



You can specify upload path specifiers as follows in the upload destination path.

Specifier Description Example
%s The site path for website/blog.
Upload destination must begin with %s or %a. Also, you cannot specify %s and %a at same time.
%a The archive path for website/blog.
Upload destination must begin with %s or %a. Also, you cannot specify %s and %a at same time.
%u The basename of user author_basename
%y 4-digit year 2015
%m 2-digit month 09
%d 2-digit day of the month 04


Assets / Upload

  • The original filename will be set as the asset label when the filename has been changed automatically. (#113564)


Assets / Upload

  • The uploaded file is now registered as an asset when the URL is longer than 255 characters. (#113573)
  • The transparent PNG image is not broken when ImageDriver is GD or NetPBM.(#113552)
  • Addresses an issue with Perl Runtime Error at uploading. (#113553)

Image Editor

  • Some buttons are now visible when the image width is changed to 600 px or longer. (#113529)

Entries and Pages

  • The basename incrementing now works when the basename is generated automatically. (#113509)
  • The basename that a user entered will never be changed automatically when the basename already exists. (#113574)
  • The popup link URL for assets now includes own filename. (#113549)

Custom Fields

  • The custom fields on Edit Entry screen are now rearrangeable. (#113608)

Dynamic Publishing

  • Dynamic Publishing now works when using with Memcached. (#113546)

Content Sync (Movable Type Advanced)

  • Addresses an issue with performance when synchronizing large files. (#113592)
  • Timeout is now detected when transferring the data. (#113490)
  • Add html escape in the list of sync settings. (#113617)


  • Add ‘parent’ Perl module into the extlib because the module is not included if Perl version is under 5.10. (#113563)
  • The checkboxes for upload options are now displaying correctly when upload options are not configured. (#113566)
  • The profile URL of Facebook is now correct. (#113575)
  • The asset uploading via dialog now works when MT::Asset object is extended by a plugin. (#113525)
  • Prevent html link in the error message when mt-comments.cgi called with an invalid __mode parameter. (#113567)
  • Digest::MD5 did not work as crypt mechanism in SMTP Authentication. (#113581)


The release of Movable Type 6.2 brings with it a large number of improvements that were made possible by the help and support of Movable Type community members. We would like to include a special shout out to the following members for their contributions to this update:

  • Mihai Bocsaru (#113575)
  • Toru Motchie MOCHIDA (#113579)
  • Shingo Watanabe (#113546, #113567)

All bugs are documented through an external site. A FogBugz account is required in order to view case details.