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Movable Type 6.1.1 Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released April 14, 2015.

Security patches

  • IMPORTANT: An issue involving possible to Remote Code Execution has been fixed. (#112921) (CVE-2015-0845)
  • IMPORTANT: An issue that makes it possible to run Install-Wizard even if mt-config.cgi file exists, has been fixed. (#112924)

This CVE ID should be used if a 6.x remote-code-execution attack succeeds because of a shared codebase with 5.x (e.g., the affected 6.x code is the same as the 5.x code, or the affected 6.x code was derived from the 5.x code).

New and improved functions

Improves Content Sync function (Movable Type Advanced)

The content sync feature is now improved with user feedback. This changes improves the stability and speed of processing and improves convenience.

To sync the difference between the previous version

In the previous version, Movable Type had been working to completely synchronize both the source and destination directories, so the processing time and the number of processed files increased and extended proportionally. In addition, if you have to work with other systems in the destination server, deletion of unintended files may occur.

In the new version, it was changed to copy only the files and directories that have been added, updated and deleted from the previous processing result. By this change, processing speed and stability has been greatly improved. (First time only, all of the files may take some time to sync to the target.)

To be able to set more than one schedule

If you want to make multiple synchronization schedules, now you can create or replicate existing settings, without the effort of having to enter the information of the delivery destination every time.

Data API v2

  • Added ability to search entries/pages by Custom Fields. (#112825)

Updated Functions

Movable Type for AWS

  • DefaultTimezone variable was never set by default. (#112791)

Resolved issues

LDAP Authentication (Movable Type Advanced)

  • Attribute-mapping at the install wizard now works when group names contains a parenthesis. (#112880)
  • LDAP synchronization now works when deleted/disabled users or groups is more than 50 entries. (#112768)

Content Sync (Movable Type Advanced)

  • Save button is now enabled when changing the SSL option. (#112866)

Data API v2

  • The listEntries with search parameter will return only data that matches the search criteria. (#112881)
  • User who have some privilege except ‘commenter’ can get the data for CustomFields via listEntries. (#112827)
  • Entry posting now works when the text format is 0. (#112815)
  • Resolves an issue the password reset link that sent via Data API is not correct. (#112945)
  • The path property in the Folders resource now includes self path. (#112951)

Category / Folder

  • Folder deleting now works in the folder listing screen. (#112941)


  • Removing unnecessary filter items. (#112824)
  • Resolves JavaScript error in the settings screen when user language is French. (#112807)
  • Tweak funny Japanese phrase. (#112863)


The release of Movable Type 6.1 brings with it a large number of improvements that were made possible by the help and support of Movable Type community members. We would like to include a special shout out to the following members for their contributions to this update:

  • Hatsuhito Ueno (#112815)
  • Fran├žois Nonnenmacher (#112807)
  • Ryo Inoue (#112863)
  • Sei Sato (#112941)
  • John Lightsey(#112921)
  • Taiju on GitHub

All bugs are documented through an external site. A FogBugz account is required in order to view case details.