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Movable Type 4.26 Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released June 10, 2009.

Below are the highlighted fixes from Movable Type 4.26

  • The method for parsing the categories within an mt:Entries tag has been fixed to allow categories with whitespace in the name and a logical operator, such as AND, OR, or NOT
  • Fixes to a bug where the comment response did not return users to the entry
  • Eliminated non-scaling queries from CMS: in-CMS search, clearing of expired sessions, system-wide commenter counts
  • Low-level changes that should improve performance across the board: metadata saving, unnecessary reloading of config under FastCGI
  • Fixes to the Backup/Restore functionality
  • Database index changes to improve query speed
  • Patches issue with blog search not searching all blogs if IncludeBlogs, ExcludeBlogs, and blog_id parameters are omitted
  • Adds new, optional config directives for greater control over RPT when processing large queues or long-running jobs
  • Security fix for mt-wizard.cgi

The full svn changelog can be found at the following address:

Known Issues

1. Dynamic Publishing and MySQL may garble characters outside of ASCII

Symptom: Dynamically published pages shows garbled characters. Audience: Cleanly installed MT 4.26 on MySQL 4.1+, Database created using the charset other than latin1. Workaround: Write SQLSetNames 1 in mt-config.cgi Note: Upgrades will NOT be affected. Clean new install will be.

2. Category filtering with logical operators does not work in dynamic publishing

Symptom: container using logical operators (e.g. AND, OR) do not filter entries properly Audience: Dynamically published sites Workaround: None