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Movable Type 4.23 Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released December 2, 2008.

55719: Selecting for tag in MTEntries loop that doesn’t exist on the blog yields an incomplete error

Fixed a bug for the Entries/Assets tags when using the “tags” attribute along with a non-existent tag. This will now no longer result in a template build error (thanks to Jay Allen for reporting the issue).

81318: ID conflict in Community Forum template set config

Fixed a bug in the Community Forum template set for the Category Groups widget.

81430: Template types lost for weblog with Universal Website template set applied after upgrading to MT 4.2

Fixed a bug with the Universal Template set so that template types (“main_index”, etc.) are recognized.

81689: Upgrade should map index templates set to not rebuild with indexes to be published “Manually”

Fixed an upgrade issue around index templates that were configured to “not rebuild with indexes” so they are now assigned the “Manual” publishing option.

81755: throws errors when no title set on trackback

Fixed a bug affecting the TrackBack listing screen when no title is assigned to one or more TrackBack pings (thanks to Michele Neylon for reporting the issue).

81922: Select ‘High Priority Static Publishing’ does generate error.

Fixed a bug affecting selection of the “High Priority Static Publishing” publishing profile.

82155: ‘Removing unused template maps’ step is very slow for large upgrades

Optimized the upgrade process for the “Removing unused template maps” upgrade step.

81407: MT 4.2 - > widget sets not cloning when you clone a blog

Fixed a bug that prevented the cloning of Widget Sets when a blog is cloned (thanks to Alex Cacciamani for reporting the issue).

80799: Blogs disappear when choosing new layout while using fastcgi

Fixed a bug affecting system functionality when applying a new theme using StyleCatcher and running in a persistent environment.

80975: Unable to delete all categories and subcategories at once

Fixed a bug that prevented the deletion of categories when they had subcategories assigned to them.

81050: Feedback: (FireFox3) URL is rewritten when switching editor mode on create entry screen

Fixed a bug under Firefox 3 that caused relative URLs to be rewritten as full URLs when switching between the text editor and the richtext editor and then back again.

81066: setvar attribute fails under SetHashVar

Added support for assigning hash variable elements using the ‘setvar’ attribute (thanks to Jay Allen for the suggestion).

81071: Publish archives setting error goes to General Settings

Fixed a bug that redirected a user to the “General” blog settings screen when getting an error while trying to save blog publishing settings.

81417: Debugging code in StyleCatcher plugin causes 502 error when applying a theme (IIS)

Removed some debug logging code from StyleCatcher that was causing an error under Windows/IIS when applying a new theme.

81361: Can’t delete (or otherwise act on) templates from the global search screen

Fixed a bug preventing template actions from working for the global template listing screen (thanks to Jay Allen for reporting the issue supplying a patch).

81403: Not execute rebuild_options code

Fixed a bug affecting the operation of custom site rebuild options.

79723: Error Message Buttons Can Lead Users In Unproductive Circles

Fixed various issues for the buttons displayed on the error messaging shown when saving and publishing an index/archive template.

Fixed a bug on Windows that caused links to the popup window for an uploaded image to use ‘' characters instead of ‘/’.

81077: Create Entry by XML-RPC to Community Template blog which have Date CF generate error

Fixed a bug that prevented the assignment of custom date and date-time fields via XMLRPC.

81153: “Go Back” From Error Publishing Entry Does Not Return to Edit Entry Screen

Fixed various issues for the “Go Back” button on the error message shown when publishing an entry or page.

81241: Cannot Select ‘0’ (Zero) or Blank Option in Custom Field Drop Down Menu

Fixed a bug that prevented the user from choosing a ‘0’ or blank option for a drop-down-menu custom field.

82162: MTAuthorBasename tag not implemented for dynamic publishing

Added support for the MTAuthorBasename tag to the dynamic publishing engine.

82172: Page saved with no title cannot be accessed from the page listing screen

Fixed a bug that prevented pages without titles from being editable on the page listing screen (thanks to Jay Allen for reporting the issue and supplying a patch).

81846: Template list filters are hardcoded in MT 4.2

Fixed a bug that prevented plugin-supplied listing filters from working on the template listing screen.

81896: L10N: Publish archives setting error

Fixed a JavaScript bug that occurred when checking the “Publish archives outside of Site Root” and attempting to save with an empty archive site root or archive site URL field.

81588: MTDate requires blog_id in context and produces Perl error if none is provided

Fixed a bug affecting the MTDate tag when used without a blog context (thanks to Brian M. Petersen for reporting the issue and supplying a patch).

81928: Empty Widget Sets output content from previously created widget set

Fixed an issue with Widget Sets when saving a widget set without any widgets in it.

82050: “Entries with comments in the last 7 days” quick filter list entries from last 10 days instead of last 7 days

Fixed a bug with the entry listing filter “Entries with comments in the last 7 days” (it was displaying 10 days worth).

82146: Feed of the tag search doesn’t work without specifying blog_id

Fixed a bug that prevented a tag search feed from working without a “blog_id” parameter.

81834: MT::WeblogPublisher::rebuild_indexes does not correctly ascertain blog from passed template

Fixed an API bug in MT::WeblogPublisher’s “rebuild_indexes” method so that it derives the blog in context based on the supplied template, when invoked with a specific template to rebuild but without a blog parameter.

81073: L10N: Logs need to be translated, which are logged when creating professional website

Improved Japanese localization for the Professional Website template set.

78989: ‘Close’ button should be removed from the error screen

When the MT error screen is displayed in a full browser window, the “Close” button is now suppressed.

82544: Disallow angle brackets for key user fields

Username, display name, email address and URL profile fields no longer permit use of angle brackets.

82723: remove_html can be tricked using CDATA blocks

Improved handling of remove_html with multiple CDATA blocks.

82474: [XSS] Profile View template does not escape user’s display name

SECURITY: Added escape=”html” modifier to templates in Community.pack and Movable Type default templates to escape the name of authors and commenters properly.  Note that the change requires refreshing of these templates.  If the templates are modified and cannot be refreshed easily, you can add escape=”html” to all of the occurances of MTEntryAuthorUsername, MTAuthorDisplayName, MTEntryAuthorDisplayName and MTCommenterName in the publicly facing templates.

82498: Category groups template is not found

Fixed a bug that was occurring when a template set re-uses template identifiers but with varying types (widget/category_groups and widgetset/category_groups, for instance).

82499: [XSS] User archive name on published Community Blog template

Fixed HTML encoding of archive titles when markup exists in category/folder labels and author display names.

81291: [XSS report] more places to escape?

Improved handling of HTML markup in the CMS app for several listing and edit screens.

81529: Textarea custom field for User objects causes error

Fixed a bug regarding the use of multi-line custom fields that display on a user’s profile edit screen.

81574: Author archive path does not respect archive mapping or dirify

Fixed a bug affecting author archives that publish using the author basename and “-” characters instead of “_”.

81579: contributors can publish entries through the ‘manage entries’ interface

Fixed a permissions bug where a user with “create post” permission and no “publish post” permission could still publish posts from a system-wide entry listing screen.

81666: Author archive republishing is endlessly looping when there a disabled author has an author archive

Fixed a bug that caused author archives to loop repeatedly when publishing them when there are one or more disabled authors associated with the blog.

81697: Oracle DBI deaths

Fixed an issue with the Oracle database driver to prevent issuing queries that exceed the maximum number of items permitted in an “IN” clause.

81797: MSSQLServer too slow because of the frequent calls to DBI::ping

Improved overall performance for the Microsoft SQL Server database driver.

81943: Actions without event description in profile actions listing screen

Fixed a bug affecting Action Stream events when using Memcached.

82007: MTArchiveList tag displays an author archive link for every entry instead of just one link (MS-SQL Server and Oracle)

Fixed a bug affecting MS SQL Server and Oracle and the functionality of the MTArchiveList tag and author archives.

81918: MT4.2 profile template renders differently when accessed via mod_rewrite URL (MVN)

Fixed an issue with recognizing a user viewing their own profile when the profile is accessed by username instead of user ID.

82201: Cannot save custom field data

Fixed a bug affecting editing custom fields on a user’s profile page.

82290: Restore fails if the name of the user who did backup contains “<”

Fixed a bug with restoring a blog where author(s) name contains a ‘<’ character.

81939: favorites appear on unpublished entries

Fixed an issue where an entry that has been “favorited” by a user still appear on their profile even after unpublishing the entry.

81858: [XSS] TrackBack title and other input may bypass sanitization

Improved filtering support for our HTML sanitization library.

81861: Unable to attach profile image to user who have Contributor permission

Fixed a bug preventing a user with a limited “contributor” role from uploading a userpic to their profile.

81800: file_ext does not work in MTEntryAssets

Fixed a bug affecting the “file_ext” attribute of the MTEntryAssets tag.

81806: ‘Format’ attribute broken on ‘Date’ custom fields

Added support for a ‘format’ attribute for date/time custom field tags.

81788: Upload of the file of the same name will overwrite a thumbnail

Fixed an filename conflict issue where two users could upload an thumbnail image with the same filename.

81790: Contents of Custom Fields are not saved when an entry is previewed

Fixed a bug that prevented the saving of custom field data after previewing an entry/page.

81677: Sign In module in Global Templates has wrong js call

Fixed a JavaScript bug in the “Sign In” widget for the Community Blog template set.

81617: asset metadata error on upgrade to mt4.21

Fixed a bug affecting the upgrade of asset metadata with Microsoft SQL Server.

81624: MT:Actions not pulling the latest entries

Fixed an issue with ordering of items on a user’s profile view, so that all entries are listed by their authored-on date, rather than their creation date.

81658: Upgrade script (4.21) runs out of memory with large # of entries in mt_permission

Improved performance and resource utilization of the upgrade process when using the command-line “upgrade” script.


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George Ali

George Ali on September 4, 2012, 3:27 a.m. Reply

I remember I had huge problems with this one - Fixed a bug under Firefox 3 that caused relative URLs to be rewritten as full URLs when switching between the text editor and the richtext editor and then back again.

It was really annoying and I’m glad you have fixed it.