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Movable Type 4.0 Release Notes

This version of Movable Type was released August 15, 2007.
  • Windows Vista and IIS Support - There is a known bug in IIS 7 that prevents all but the last cookie sent by a browser to actually be set. This affects all web applications deployed on IIS 7. This does not affect Windows Vista users using Apache, and it does not affect users using Windows Vista to access an MT blog not hosted under IIS7.

  • Rich Text and XHTML Support - The built-in rich text (or WYSIWYG) editor does not produce valid XHTML. This is a known issue and one we intend to address in the future in the following way: the rich text editor will be made completely modular so that users can easily swap in any editor they prefer. We have received lots of requests for users that have strong preferences towards a variety of different editors. We feel that by making this pluggable we will give users the greatest degree of choice and control over their editing experience.

  • Some OpenID Providers Require HTTPS - some OpenId providers that users commonly like to use, e.g. AOL, use HTTPS exclusively. Therefore the Perl module Crypt::SSLeay must be installed in order to support these providers.

  • Dynamic Publishing in German, French, Dutch and Spanish - There is an issue with the PHP translation files for these languages that prevents dynamic publishing from working for blogs in these languages. This will be rectified in the next release. In the mean time this zip archive is available that contains corrected translation files. Put them in the php/lib folder of your installation, overwriting the existing files, and dynamic publishing should work again.

  • The performance of Rich Text editor may be hampered by really large bodies or extended content areas. Users editing content in excess of 700,000 bytes are advised to use an editor other then the build in Rich Text editor.

  • MT4 comes equipped with a recently uploaded photos sidebar widget. Users of dynamic publishing may observe that this widget does not function properly. This is because PHP needs to be setup to support gd as well as gif and png.

  • Many plugins can be found in the extras/plugins directory in the MT4 distribution. These plugins are unsupported and may not be fully functional. Future releases will ensure that all examples are fully functional.

  • Movable Type allows users to customize the length of their basename. The length cannot be less then 15 characters even though the UI will permit you to set this preference otherwise. The permissible range is 15-250 characters.

  • When publishing category archive pages the two tags <mt:entrieswithsubcategories> and <mt:entries include_subcategories="1"> are not functionally equivalent. It is recommended that if a user wishes to display entries in the current category archive as well as all entries in the current categories children that they should use <mt:entrieswithsubcategories>.

  • “Links from Dashboard do not work under IE6” - There is a known issue in IE6 that prevents links from working on the MT4 dashboard. This is the result of a javascript error that occurs while trying to load the javascript file that renders the Flash statistics graph. This issue is resolved by setting absolute URLs in your mt-config.cgi file for the StaticWebPath and CGIPath configuration directives (e.g. “http://localhost/cgi-bin/mt”)

  • The use of the ASCII character | is not permitted in templates that are published dynamically due to a parsing error that can occur using the Smarty templating engine.

  • When selecting templates to be refreshed, and then clicking the “Refresh Templates” plugin action takes you to the screen listing the templates that were refreshed. If from this screen you click the back button, templates remain selected, but not the templates that were selected prior to clicking “Refresh Templates.”

  • When inserting an asset or file into a post, the HTML that is inserted is encapsulated or contained by a <form> tag. This form tag is removed automatically during the publishing process and should not be removed by the user. Removing them will not hurt your blog’s content, but may result in Movable Type losing the association between the inserted asset and your entry.

  • When a error occurs while a file is being published and an error is presented to the user, if the user clicks the “Go Back” button to fix the issue, it may result in two files being published with different basenames (e.g. “basename” and “basename_1”). This is the result of the Go Back button using history.back().

  • Users reported this issue “PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare multiblog_mtblogcategorycount() (previously declared in …/plugins/MultiBlog/php/init.MultiBlog.php:53) in …/plugins/init.MultiBlog.php on line 51”. This is the result of a conflicts between plugins and functionality now found in the core. Please consult MT’s Upgrade Guide found at for more information on how to properly upgrade your MT3 installation.

  • If a user is logged into the application and then subsequently authenticates via OpenID via another service to comment on a blog in the same installation, then the MT user sessions takes precedent over the OpenID user session.

  • The MT configuration file mt.cfg which was supported in MT 3.x and before is no longer supported. Users should rename that file to mt-config.cgi and add the DBPassword configuration directive to the file.

  • Users can be granted only the permission “Publish Post” however the UI does not fully or intuitively support this instance. Users with only this permission can be limited to only changing post status, but can only do so through the batch edit mode for entries and pages.

  • Dynamic publishing does not work in SQLite 1 or SQLite 3 (only SQLite 2) on servers running PHP 4.x. SQLite 1, 2 and 3 works on systems running PHP 5.x.

  • A customer reported that in some circumstances Cobalt, BlueQuartz, and TurboLinux Appliances could not send email using Movable Type’s default configuration. The issue was fixed adding the following in mt-config.cgi: SendMailPath /usr/lib/sendmail -t -f from-address@domain-name

  • Changing a blog’s default timezone may have a temporary affect on user’s ability to comment on that post if comment throttling is turned on. The time period for which commenting will be affected is the difference between the date the entry was original published and the adjusted time of the blog (assuming that the difference is negative) - e.g. changing the time zone from UTC to PST.

  • A design collapses on Confirm Publishing Configuration screen under IE6

  • Cityscape banner images are cut off …?

  • IE6: Clicking ‘arrow’ icon broke the layout of the insert image screen

  • Rich text editor is adding editor-content.html to relative anchor links

  • Username isn’t left-aligned in role users listing screen table

  • [IE6] strange navigation display on Grant Permissions:Select Blogs page

  • Save, Delete and Preview button goes up a little when clicked in IE6/7

Translation tweaks needed

  • 56089 - L10N: Manage assets
  • 56072 - L10N: System overview - List authors
  • 56042 - L10N: Entry date
  • 56071 - L10N: TrackBack settings