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This is documentation about a configuration directive, which can be placed within Movable Type’s core configuration file, mt-config.cgi, to customize the behavior of the system.

This configuration directive specifies the initial values for the blog’s listing screen display options setting at the time of creation. The options for this directive are listed below with descriptions, their default and possible values. The options only apply to those listing screens which contain the option in their display settings.


The maximum number of table rows that are displayed per page.

  • An integer larger than 0 - Number of rows to display (Default Rows=20)
  • none - No limit. Show all rows.


The format or view which is used to display the listing.

  • Compact - A single row is used for the display of item metadata (Default Value)
  • Expanded - Multiple rows are used, the first containing the item metadata and the second containing the item’s primary content


Order of items displayed in the listing table. This is always used solely in conjunction with the sort by option.

  • Ascend (Default Value)
  • Descend


The position of the action bar relative to the listing table.

  • Below - Below the listing table.
  • Above - Above the listing table. Default Value.
  • Both - Both above and below the listing table.

Deprecated: “Button” has been deprecated in MT5, as there is only a single position for buttons.


The date format used in the listing table.

  • Relative - The date and time relative to now like “6 days, 8 hours ago”. After one week, this reverts to a full date. Default Value.
  • Full - A full date like “2006.04.05”“.

DefaultListPrefs Example

Show all rows in list views:

DefaultListPrefs Rows=none

Display expanded view for tables with expanded option:

DefaultListPrefs Format=Expanded