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This is documentation about a configuration directive, which can be placed within Movable Type’s core configuration file, mt-config.cgi, to customize the behavior of the system.

The DefaultAssignments Configuration Directive is used to programmatically set default default roles for a given blog for new users. That is, when a new user registers they can be automatically granted permission to work with a specific blog.

The DefaultAssignments directive takes a comma separated argument. Two values must be supplied: the role ID and the blog ID. For example, the following will assign the role with an ID of “2” to the blog with an ID of “5”:

DefaultAssignments 2,5

Multiple role/blog combinations can be set at once:

DefaultAssignments 2,5,3,10,4,12

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Saleh Sed

Saleh Sed on March 7, 2011, 9:53 a.m. Reply

in mt_config , DefaultAssignments represents the default settings for a new user. for example “DefaultAssignments 10,36” will set the following settings:

New user’s Role is 10 New user’s Blog is 36