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This is documentation about a configuration directive, which can be placed within Movable Type’s core configuration file, mt-config.cgi, to customize the behavior of the system.

By default, the script that Movable Type uses for comments is called mt-comments.cgi. In some situations—for example, if you are running MT under mod_perl, or if your server requires that your Perl scripts have the extension .pl—you may need different names for these scripts. You can set the names that will be used throughout the default templates and Movable Type code by changing these values.

Default value: mt-comments.cgi



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doggone on April 21, 2014, 11:37 a.m. Reply

These modifications go in mt-config.cgi. The specifications for doing so are found at appendix link.

“Movable Type makes available to system administrators a number of configuration directives that can be placed within Movable Type’s core configuration file mt-config.cgi. These configuration directives allow administrators to customize the behavior of their entire Movable Type installation. All config settings where you specify a path or a path+filename are specified relative to the location of the config file itself.

Some config directives are specific to the Community or Enterprise Packs ….”