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This is documentation about a configuration directive, which can be placed within Movable Type’s core configuration file, mt-config.cgi, to customize the behavior of the system.

URL to the Movable Type application directory.

The AdminCGIPath configuration directive is the administrative analog to the CGIPath directive and allows for a distinct URL path to be used for access to the administrative interface and scripts (e.g. mt.cgi).


Its use is optional since the CGIPath setting is used in its absence. However, for added security, Six Apart recommends use of this directive in combination with SSL (via https protocol) in order to provide encryption/authentication of all administrative requests.

The value of this setting can be included in a template via the MTAdminCGIPath template tag.

Warning: If using AdminCGIPath to specify a different url or protocol for accessing admin scripts, the value for StaticWebPath must be a relative url to allow JavaScript to execute with same origin access for both AdminCGIPath and CGIPath URLs.

Warning: If using a different domain or subdomain for AdminCGIPath, the mt-static directory should be copied or aliased to the same relative path (specified with StaticWebPath on both domains.


Fully-qualified URL.


In your mt-config.cgi, the following (without AdminCGIPath would be used for all links to Movable Type scripts, public or private:


The following, in addition to the CGIPath setting above, would use HTTP protocol for the public interface scripts (such as mt-comments.cgi and mt-cp.cgi) and HTTPS protocol for the administrative scripts (such as mt.cgi). You would, of course, need to enable SSL on your server before this will work.


The following, in addition to the CGIPath setting above, would preferentially use the admin subdomain of for accessing the administrative scripts. All public scripts would still use the CGIPath setting.