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Automatic Blog Provisioning for New Users

Movable Type 4.x offers the ability to automatically provision, or create and setup, a blog for any new user that registers with the system or is created by the system.


  • automatically create a blog for any new user
  • setup a new user’s blog based upon a template you specify
  • customize the user’s blog url based upon their username

Turning on Provisioning

To turn on this feature you will need to navigate the “User Settings” area found under the System Preferences menu and select “Automatically create a new blog for each new user.”

New User Blog Provisioning Screenshot

Setting Up a Blog Template

Administrators have the ability to give new users a copy of an existing blog on the system. This allows admins to specify the default configuration and the default design for all new blogs provisioned to new users through this feature.

To do so, select “Select blog” under Personal blog clone source.

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