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Comment and TrackBack Settings

Movable Type 4 provides a sophisticated set of controls for setting and enforcing your feedback policy which can range from completely open to moderated completely closed. The right policy for you is based entirely on your usage of the software and the characteristics of your community.

Feedback controls for comments and TrackBacks can be defined on the system level for all blogs, on the blog level or on a per-entry basis.

Configuring system-wide feedback settings

Feedback behavior is usually managed at the blog level, but Movable Type allows you to disable comment and TrackBacks system-wide, and also manage your system-wide preferences for sending outbound TrackBacks and update notifications.

To configure system-wide feedback settings:

  • Switch to the System Overview area of Movable Type by clicking on the blog selection menu and choosing “System Overview.”
  • Click Preferences > Feedback from the System Overview’s main menu. This will open the System: Feedback Settings screen.

On the System: Feedback Settings Screen you can disable comments and TrackBacks system-wide, as well as manage system-wide preferences for sending outbound TrackBacks and notifications.

  • In the Feedback Master Switch section, you can opt to disable comments and/or TrackBacks on all blogs. If these options are selected, the system will override any preferences set at a blog level.
  • In the Outbound Notifications section, you can:
    • Disable notification pings for all blogs, which will prevent update pings from being sent to any third party update notification service (such as,, etc.)
    • Manage your system-wide Outbound TrackBack preferences. You can allow them to any site, disable them entirely, allow TrackBacks only to other blogs on your installation of Movable Type, or allow them only to sites on the domains you specify.

Configuring comment and TrackBack settings for an individual blog

Movable Type allows you to configure comment and TrackBack settings for each of your blogs. These settings allow you to configure whether the blog accepts comments and/or TrackBacks, the blog’s moderation policy for comments and TrackBacks, and how comments and TrackBacks are displayed.

These policies are managed through the Comment Settings and TrackBack settings screens located in the Preferences > Blog Settings area of each blog.

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Configuring comment and TrackBacks on an individual entry or page

In addition to setting feedback preferences at the system and blog level, you can also configure comments and TrackBack behavior on individual entries and pages that you create. When you create or edit an entry or page, you can choose to accept or not accept Comments and/or TrackBacks through the “Feedback” section.

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