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Global User Banning

Prior to Movable Type 4.2 users could only be banned on a blog-by-blog basis, and then only if they had left a comment there. That is a perfectly reasonable behavior if Movable Type is being used to manage a network of independent blogs. But what if your Movable Type installation is managing a bunch of related web sites where you may want a user to be banned from all of your blogs at once?

In Movable Type 4.2 we have added the following configuration directive that will instruct Movable Type to treat all of your blogs to behave in many ways like a single blog:

SingleCommunity 1

In order for this configuration directive to operate fully, it is important that all of your blogs are hosted under the same domain. They can belong to different sub-domains.

  • When an admin bans a user on one blog, that user will be banned across all blogs.
  • Movable Type will maintain only a single login cookie for visitors to any of your blogs.

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