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Movable Type 8 Release Notes

Movable Type 8 (MT8) is released as the major version, upgradable from Movable Type 7 or before.

We will continually update Movable Type regularly and gradually, focus to keep backward compatibility and security, and up to date with the latest environments

We will follow the latest update of middleware and OS, and offer a mechanism that makes it easy to identify functions that have been discontinued or are scheduled to be changed and to maintain compatibility when updates are made, so that the system can be used stably over the long term.

New features

Shared Preview


  • Generates a consistent sharable preview page for a Post, Page, and ContentData, useful for reviewing before publishing.
  • The preview url is consistent until publishing, even editing the Contents.
  • The preview page could be protected by password.

MT BlockEditor


  • Available for Posts, Pages and ContentData multiline text.
  • Supports Custom Blocks for flexible customization for nesting block and manipulate with JavaScript
  • Block Menu Presets also customizable

Multi-factor Authentication

  • Supports TOTP (Time-based One Time Password) for sign in to Movable Type. For generation OTP, we support the below applications
    • Google Authenticator (iOS/Android)
    • Twillo Authy (iOS/Android)
    • Microsoft Authenticator (iOS/Android)
    • 2FA authenticator (2FAS) (iOS/Android)

Improved the navigation to Search in mt.cgi


  • Adds the “Search” button into the top-left corner of mt.cgi
  • Improves Search results visibility on the “Search and Replace” for ContentType
  • Adds “Search” form on selecting ContentData of ContentType

Improved Content Synchronize (Movable Type Advanced)

  • Supports Cloudflare R2
  • Supports Amazon S3
  • Moves into Main Menu

Admin Theme

  • Supports to switch mt.cgi control panel templates by Configuration Directive AdminThemeId


  • Improved performances. reduce ~10% to rebuild pages
  • MT::Util::Deprecated logs the usage of deprecated codes, which is useful to know plugins and customized app to use deprecated codes
  • Data API update (v5, v6)
  • Update libraries in extlib

Obsoleted Features

  • XMLRPC API, Atom Publishing API
  • Activity Feeds
  • Quick Post (aka bookmarklet)
  • Trackback
  • Update ping
  • Facebook Commenter and Spam Lookup
  • non-supported CGIs like mt-testbg.cgi
  • Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) Plugins
  • European Language support
    • We continue to support English and Japanese Language support
  • Older JavaScript libraries in mt-static

Supported Environments

  • Linux/Unix (Mac), Windows Server
  • MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQL Server
  • PSGI / CGI (we recommend PSGI)
  • Perl 5.16.3 - 5.38.0
  • PHP 7.4 - 8.2

Available Packages

  • Software (Downloadable ZIP)
  • AMI (Amazon Machine Image, via AWS Marketplace)

Release Cycles and Versioning


  • Movable Type 8 will be update every 3 months and released internally
  • Movable Type Software will be upgraded every 1 year, and EOM/EOL previous version.
  • Movable Type Software LTS wil be released every 2 years, which is offered 2 years security updates after EOM.
  • Movable Type 8 will be 8.<minor>.<patch>, no revision like MT7

Please read the Release Cycle Information for the details.