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Announcing the Release of Movable Type 5.2.6

By Takeshi Nick Osanai
Posted June 5, 2013.

The Movable Type 5.2.6 release offers fixes for bugs found after the release of version 5.2.3 and features 4 brand new functions. At the same time, Movable Type 5.15 also have been released.

This update also includes fixes for bugs found in Movable Type EZ versions 5.2.4 and 5.2.5.

For more information on the new functions and bug fixes, please refer to the release notes.

* Check out this previous blog entry for an explanation on the new release numbering system.

New Functions

New Responsive Web Design Theme "Eiger"

"Eiger" is especially suited for use with larger company websites and blogs. Along with Media Query (CSS) supported multi-device compatibility, logos, headers and banners, and navigation are all easily customizible with built-in Movable Type functions.


The "Smartphone Option"

The optional "Smartphone Option" is now available bundled together with either Movable Type Professional or Movable Type Advanced. (As of now, the "Smartphone Option" can only be obtained through a bundle purchase.)

The "Smartphone Option" offers a version of the Movable Type admin screen that has been optimized for smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.


For more information on using the "Smartphone Option", please refer to the "Smartphone Option User Manual" from "Movable Type 5 documentation".

Canonical Link Elements

Canonical elements can now be used with the MT tags "MTCanonicalURL" and "MTCanonicalLink".

Language settings expansion

The language in which a blog entry's date is displayed can now be set seperately from the general blog language settings.(109305, 109542) The language option can be set by accessing "Date Language" from the blog entry date "Compose" option. Once set, the date for the blog entry will be displayed in the standard format for the specified language. In connection to this change, the following tags have also been added:

Expanded Compatibility

The following browsers, programs and environments are now supported by Movable Type.

Compatibility with the Internet Explorer 10 Desktop Application

MT now offers compatibility with the Internet Explorer 10 desktop application.

(Please see "Internet Explorer 10 - Overview for IT Pros" from the Microsoft website for more information on Internet Explorer 10.)

Oracle 11g R2 Support

Movable Type Advanced now offers support for Oracle 11g R2.

Termination of TypePad AntiSpam Bundle Sales

The TypePad AntiSpam plug-in is no longer being offered as part of a Movable Type bundle. In May of 2013, the TypePad AntiSpam service changed ownership from Say Media to Impermium. For more information, please refer to the "Impermium FAQ Page".

Released Versions

  • Movable Type Open Source 5.2.6
  • Movable Type Pro 5.2.6
  • Movable Type Advanced 5.2.6
  • Movable Type Open Source 5.15
  • Movable Type Pro 5.15
  • Movable Type Advanced 5.15


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Installation/upgrade instructions

Note: if you purchased a Movable Type license you can also purchase our installation or upgrade service and have all the work done by our excellent support team.