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Reorganizing Movable Type 5 documentations

By Takeshi Nick Osanai
Posted December 13, 2012.

I was one of the attendees at the "Movable Type Idea Exchange in NYC" in October earlier this year, and as a speaker, I made several promises:

  • To provide English translations of Japanese plugins
  • To provide English translations of MT related Japanese documents
  • To renovate the plugin directory
  • To share knowledge, in English, on the Github wiki

I introduced several Japanese plugins recently, and am currently in the process of fulfilling the rest of the promises that I made during the conference.

Though it have not been perfect, but as of now, we have officially started translating documents and articles currently available on the "" website for publication in English on the "" website.

New documents are located here:

Developers notes and plugins will be continue to be translated. Also, we plan on revisiting previously published MT4 related documents in order to update them with more recent screenshots and information.

Finally, several articles on the Github Wiki page that were previously only available in Japanese have been translated and published in English.

Little by little, we hope to bring the international MT community up to speed with what is happening on the Japan side. Stay tuned for future updates!



François Nonnenmacher

François Nonnenmacher on December 14, 2012, 2:03 p.m. Reply

Many thanks for this Nick, this is very helpful.


anyservicebd on December 12, 2013, 12:14 p.m. Reply

Osanai’s work is wonderful. Really helpful!