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Movable Type 5.1 Beta 4

By Jun Kaneko
Posted April 5, 2011, in Beta.

Movable Type 5.1 Beta 4 is available to download and test.

Here is the release notes for Movable Type 5.1 Beta. Please note that minor cases are not listed here, please see FogBugz for all cases.

Reporting Bugs

Your feedback is important to get Movable Type 5.1 ready for the final release. Please don't hesitate to create a new case.




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I am starting to get to used to work with movabletype website. I think I will be good at it soon.

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I am going to do beta test.

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I’ve been using both Movable Type (5.x) and WordPress (2.x) for awhile now, and to be fair, MT was already doing a decent job of “keeping up” to WP. True, the development cycle slowed down for awhile, but the plug-in developers did a good job of providing new functionality in the mean time.

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I have download 5.1 Beta 4 and creating some errors when installed.please explain in detail.

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That sounds like a load of crap. Couldn’t the competitors now just scan for instances of garbled text in the package names? Or do the same thing the ad network detectors are doing? I just assumed you guys did it to mask the ability for detectors to find the apps.

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