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Mapping Movable Type's Motion

By dave
Posted May 14, 2008, in Plugins.

One of the coolest areas of innovation on the web over the past several years has been in the realm of mapping and geolocation. So we're excited to introduce two new plugins for Movable Type, released just in time for this week's Where 2.0 Conference here in the Bay Area. Both enable MT users to plug location data (like latitude and longitude) right into your blog entries, and both use the Google Maps API to find locations and display them as custom maps on your blog. And both of these free plugins automatically create new template tags for your blog, making it super easy to publish geocoded RSS feeds, custom layer (KML) files for Google Earth or customized content channels for the new LightPole Mobile Publishing Platform.

If you just want to grab the code, here's the links to these two free plugins:

  • GeoSpatial Simple was developed by Six Apart's own Bryan Tighe, and is available for Movable Type 4.

  • GeoType was developed by LightPole in conjunction with Six Apart Services, and is available for Movable Type 3.3 and Movable Type Enterprise 1.5. In the spirit of Open Source, the plugin includes contributions from Jef Poskanzer of and builds on the work of Andrew Turner and the GeoRSS team.

If you haven't heard about LightPole, it's a new mobile application for smartphones from RIM, Nokia, Motorola and others that gives you easy access to real-time, geo-specific content about restaurants, shows, local history and many other points of interest. Both of the new plugins contain documentation and sample template files to help you build content channels for LightPole's map-based mobile app. You can see these new features in action on, which uses Movable Type in combination with GeoType to annotate and illustrate their posts about the Brooklyn real-estate market with dynamic maps. They're also using the plugin to develop a custom content channel for LightPole.

Bringing these new mapping plugins to Movable Type follows on March's introduction of Ben Trott's Fire Eagle for Movable Type, which allows MT to poll for your real-time location data from Yahoo's new service. All together, these new capabilities for Movable Type should really help put your site on the map!


8 Comments on May 15, 2008, 4:27 p.m. Reply

It’s exciting to see Movable Type picking up on the geotagging and geolocation thread. GeoPress was developed to make it incredibly easy for users to tag content, embed maps and syndicate their content to a variety of publishers and participate in the GeoWeb.

GeoPress for MovableType (aka GeoPress/MT) is a continually evolving plugin and it would be great to bring the additions of GeoType back to a common code base. That way innovation and evolution of formats and functionality can be shared.

Andrew Turner, Mapufacture

Ding Ning

Ding Ning on July 12, 2012, 2:15 a.m. Reply

Does it mean that if I put this one on my blog it will give geo information about cool places near the place where is the reader. Can I control this information f.e. to show only cinemas or restaurants etc.?


Jolie on July 30, 2012, 5:13 a.m. Reply

Where can we see GeoType plugin in action? Is there anybody who use it and can share a link to see it?

Peter Houghton

Peter Houghton on August 4, 2012, 12:41 a.m. Reply

Does it work for Eastern Europe or only for US and EU?

Alea De

Alea De on September 10, 2012, 9:06 p.m. Reply

This feature works with all the countries in EU.

Melanie Haughart

Melanie Haughart on October 25, 2012, 10:59 p.m. Reply

Hi, can you tell what is the estimate time of loading of this plugin. It seems to me as a heavy one and it would probably slow down my site. Thanks :)


Antuny on November 14, 2012, 3:30 a.m. Reply

Hi, I have a question about these two plugins. I want to know how can I let my users to manage by themselves their points of interest. I suppose there is a way (there is no sense to give information for an opera concert to a reader who doesn’t care about it), but I can find how to do that. Any help will be appreciated.

Isabel Nikol

Isabel Nikol on November 23, 2012, 2:18 a.m. Reply

I am reading the explanation for GeoType plugin, but I am no so sure what this plugin exactly do. It displays on a map the longitude and the attitude of the post I have given to it. However what is the point to do this?