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Using MS SQL Server 2012 with Windows Integrated Authentication

This document will explain how to set up a MS SQL Server 2012 (SQL Server) using Windows Integrated Authentication.

For more information on SQL Server set-up, please refer to this document.

  • Creating a SQL Server database
  • Using Mapped to Certificate with a mta DB IUSER
  • Testing the database connection
  • Configuring the database through mt-wizard.cgi

Create SQL Server 2012 database

MWhen installing SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Management Studio will also be installed at the same time.

The following is an example of how to create an SQL Server database.

  1. Start up Management Studio.
  2. Connect via "Windows Authentication".
  3. Once connected, right click "Database" and choose "New Database".
  4. From the "New Database" creation screen, go to "General" to set the following:
    • Database Name: mta
    • Owner Name:
  5. From the "New Database" creation screen, go to "Options" to set the following:
    • Collation: select the appropriate collation option from the list
    • Recovery Model: Complete
    • Compatibility Levels: SQL Server 2008 (100)
  6. Click the "OK" button to finish.

Using Mapped to Certificate with a mta DB IUSER

  1. To create a new login, go to "Security" ? "Login" ? "New Login".
  2. From the "Login" screen, go to "General" and do the following:
    • Click on the "Search by Login Name" button and choose "Users and groups".
      • Enter "IUSR" in the object name input field and then click the "confirm name" button.
      • Return to the "create new login" screen and make sure "IUSR" is entered next to the"Login Name" field option.
  3. Go to "Login" ? "Mapped to certificate" and change the following settings:
    • Make sure the "map" box next to the "mta" database is checked.
    • Add "db_owner" to the "mta database members" list.
  4. Click the "OK" button to finish.

Testing the Database Connection

We will use Management Studio to try connecting to the database we just created.

  1. Open the database connection screen in Management Studio

    Make sure the "Authentication" method is set to "Windows Integrated Authentication".

  2. Click the "Connect" button.

    You will know if the connection was completed successfully as you will gain access to the database on a system level.?

Configuring the Database through mt-wizard.cgi

Change the database settings to those pictured in the screenshot below.

mt-config.cgi database settings

#======== DATABASE SETTINGS ========

ObjectDriver UMSSQLServer
Database mta
DBHost localhost
ODBCDriver SQL Server Native Client 10.0

The database should now be accessible via Windows Integrated Authentication.