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How to Install Additional Action Streams Plugins

By adding more plugins to your Movable Type installation, you can expand Action Streams to work with even more web services.

Plugins that are not bundled with the Movable Type distribution are not supported through Movable Type Support. This includes plugins from or from any other third party.

Getting Action Streams Plugins

Many Action Streams plugins are available in the Plugin Directory’s Action Streams category.

There are many other websites where you can find Action Streams plugins, so make sure to search the Web as well.

Installing Action Streams Plugins

Install Action Stream plugins the same as you would other standard Movable Type plugin. Open the package and search the directory with the plugin names in the plugin directory and the mt-static/plugins directory.  Upload to a directory compatible with your version of Movable Type.

Installation steps may be different for certain plugins. Refer to plugins’ manuals for help.

Modifying Templates to Use New Services
Add the following template to the blog’s “Style Sheet” template, which displays action streams.

<mt:ProfileServices extra="1">
<mt:if name="iconurl">
.icon-service-<mt:var name="type"> {
background-image: url(<mt:var name="icon


Motion template sets already contain the above coding, so no additional coding is necessary.