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Movable Type AMI Edition with Amazon Linux 2023 supports SELinux as well as Amazon Linux 2023, includes pre-configured SELinux policy for running Movable Type Application. movabletype-selinux package introduces contexts prefix movabletype and sets permissions required to run Movable Type Application, including httpd, mysqld, etc.

There are three contexts related user contents:

  • movabletyperwcontent_t: files and directories allowed to read and write
  • movabletypecontentt: files and directories allowed to read
  • movabletypescriptexec_t: executable files and directory like CGI scripts

for details, see man movabletype_selinux (8).

The interface is available to set the above contexts. see


Modifications to policies due to configuration changes, or execution of application or plugins installed by the customer, are out of scope of Technical Support.