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Related Configuration Directives

Performance logging is turned on by adding a set of configuration directives to your mt-config.cgi file. The supported directives are:

  • PerformanceLogging (boolean) - Turns performance logging on and off
  • PerformanceLoggingThreshold (float) - Sets the threshold at which events will be logged. The value is expressed in seconds and fractions of a second. Any task that takes less then the threshold will not be logged.
  • PerformanceLoggingPath (string) - Allows you to specify where you would like your log files to place on your local filesystem.
  • ProcessMemoryCommand (string) - Allows you to specify a command that can be run that will show the memory utilization of a process. For example, in Mac OS X the following command can be used (the $$ will be automatically substituted with the relevant process ID or “pid”): ProcessMemoryCommand ps $$ - o rss=

Example Configuration

PerformanceLogging 1
PerformanceLoggingPath /var/log/mt/
PerformanceLoggingThreshold 0.5