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Process Memory Commands

The ProcessMemoryCommand default setting should work fine on Mac OS, Linux and Windows environments. If you are seeing errors, you may need to customize it for your environment. The default command for each environment is as follows. The command is expected to return the process memory “RSS” size, expressed in kilobytes. If this is set to “0”, this command will not be issued and output in the logs.


ProcessMemoryCommand   ps - p $$ - o rss=

Mac OS X

ProcessMemoryCommand   ps $$ - o rss=


ProcessMemoryCommand    tasklist /FI 'PID eq $$' /FO TABLE /NH

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François Nonnenmacher

François Nonnenmacher on January 31, 2010, 9:09 p.m. Reply

Warning if you use copy/paste for the above commands, watch out for spaces! The correct command for Linux is (no space between - and the modifier):

ProcessMemoryCommand ps -p $$ -o rss=

And for Mac OS X:

ProcessMemoryCommand ps $$ -o rss=