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Naming and Packaging Conventions

  1. Use spaces in your plugin’s display name. Developers like symmetry, who doesn’t? But maintaining symmetry between the display name of your plugin and the file system is not ideal from a searchability and findability perspective.

    • HelloWorld - bad
    • Hello World - good
  2. Do not prefix the name of your plugin with “MT” It is a foregone conclusion that your plugin works with Movable Type. If you wish to indicate this explicitly, append the phrase “for Movable Type” to your plugin’s display name, or use it as your plugin’s tag line. Examples:

    • MTHelloWorld - bad
    • HelloWorld - bad
    • Hello World - good
    • Hello World for MT - ok, but spelling out Movable Type is better
    • Hello World for Movable Type - good
    • Hello World, a plugin for Movable Type - good
  3. Use mixed case directory names. The use of all lowercase letters in the structure of your plugin is generally not recommended. What is recommended is t capitalize the first letter of the plugin, and the first letter of each distinct word.

    • plugins/helloworld/ - bad
    • plugins/helloWorld/ - bad
    • plugins/MTHelloWorld/ - bad (see note above: the use of the “MT” prefix is not recommended)
    • plugins/HelloWorld/ - good
  4. Include a README file. A PLUGIN_NAME-README.txt file should be placed in the root of your plugin’s archive that provides adequate documentation on the installation and usage of your plugin.

  5. Include a LICENSE file. A PLUGIN_NAME-LICENSE.txt file should be placed in the root of your plugin’s archive that contains the text or a reference to the license associated with your plugin.