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Movable Type Developer Guide

Welcome to the Movable Type Developer Guide. This guide will provide those wishing to extend Movable Type’s core platform with custom functionality, user interfaces and other components. This is guide is appropriate for developers of all skill levels, but does require a least a passing knowledge of Perl. You will find that a lot can be accomplished in Movable Type with very little, or at least a very intuitive use of the Perl programming language.

This guide is divided into several main sections, and depending upon your familiar with both Perl and Movable Type, you may want to start at the beginning or jump to another section. Those sections are:

  1. Introduction to Plugins - answer the most basic question: “what is a plugin?” and learn about plugin packaging.

  2. Plugin Basics: Building Your First Movable Type Plugin - implement a very simple plugin with and handful of features, learn about the Movable Type registry, and learn some good coding practices.

  3. Intermediate Plugin API Topics: Taking Your Plugin to the Next Level - learn about each of the features Movable Type exposes through the registry, including configuration directives, text filters, template tags, ping servers, and more.

  4. Advanced Developer Topics - Obtain Movable Type Developer nirvana by mastering callbacks, objects, database interaction and performance optimization.