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Movable Type has a built in developer mode that modifies the behavior of the application slightly to make it easier for developers to build, test and debug plugins they are building on top of Movable Type. This mode is activated when the DebugMode configuration directive has been added to the installation’s mt-config.cgi file.

When in “DebugMode” Movable Type can:

  • Monitor the API plugins use and report any issues, discrepancies or ways in which the plugin may not be fully compatible with MT4.
  • Use the non-compressed javascript files allowing javascript debuggers to more easily report specific line numbers and files in which problems may be occurring
  • Use non-compressed CSS files allowing debuggers to report more precisely about what stylesheet problems may exist
  • The devel.js javascript file will be included on each page of the application. This javascript file outputs log information to the browser console so that plugins like Firefox’s FireBug can capture and report to developers debugging information about javascript code running on the page. IE and Safari users will have this information displayed to them through javascript pop-ups.
  • And warnings emanating from plugin code or perl code will be displayed at the bottom of the page. This provides a nice linting framework for reporting possible issues with the plugin.