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Configuration Directives: A Complete Reference

The first plugin you built in this guide helped you to create a plugin with a configuration directive. But we only scratched the surface.

A quick review: configuration directives are placed in your Movable Type’s mt-config.cgi file by a system administrator. Not everyone on an install has the access to the machine to make this kind of change, which limits the utility of configuration directives to some extent. We will explore more user friendly means of configuring Movable Type later, but for now, let’s round out our knowledge of this critical piece of Movable Type. (See also: Tip: When is it best to use a configuration file?)

Here is the config.yaml file we were basing previous examples on:

name: Example Plugin for Movable Type
id: Example
description: This plugin is an example plugin for Movable Type.
version: 1.0
        default: /var/log/mt/errors.log

Let’s slowly add to this as we talk about additional concepts and features supported by the Movable Type config_settings registry.