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This callback is invoked for each element found in the Movable Type backup file. If you have registered a backup handler that inserts XML into the backup file, then this callback is invoked when those XML elements are encountered during the restoration process. In this case $Localname refers to the XML element name, and $Namespace refers to the namespace of the element.

Input Parameters

  • $cb - a reference to the current MT::Callback object handling this event.
  • $data - is a parameter which was passed to XML::SAX::Base’s start_element callback method
  • $objects - a hash reference which contains all the restored objects in the restore session. The hash keys are stored in the format MT::ObjectClassName#old_id.
  • $deferred - a hash reference which contains information about restore-deferred objects. Deferred objects are those objects which appeared in the XMl file but could not be restored because any parent objects that were missing at the time. The hash keys are stored in the format MT::ObjectClassName#old_id and hash values are 1.
  • $callback - a code reference which will print out the passed parameter. Callback method can use this to communicate with users.

Return Value


Example Handler

sub restore_element_handler {
    my ($cb, $data, $objects, $deferred, $callback) = @_;