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Activity Feed Callbacks

The Activity Feeds application handles the generation of various system activity feeds, based on the contents of the system activity log. The application uses callbacks to dispatch the creation of the feed. The callbacks that are used include:

  • ActivityFeed
  • ActivityFeed.comment
  • ActivityFeed.debug
  • ActivityFeed.entry
  • ActivityFeed.system

Input Parameters

  • $cb - a reference to the MT::Callback object
  • $app - a reference to the MT::App::ActivityFeeds object processing this request.
  • $view - a string referring to the type of activity feed log entry is being produced. Acceptable values are:
    • system
    • comment
    • blog
    • ping
    • debug
    • entry
    • page
  • $feed - a scalar reference to a string which corresponds to the contents of the generated feed. Upon return, this value is printed out. The content should be an Atom-based feed.

Example Handler

sub handler {
    my ($cb,$app,$view,$feed) = @_;
    # do your thing
    $$feed = "foo";