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Registering Plugin Settings

Step one is registering each of the individual settings you will need to make available to your users. In this first step we are not defining the UI for these settings, just that the settings exist, their default values, their scope and what names will be used for storing and retrieving the values they hold.

Here is a small excerpt from a plugin that defines a single setting with a look up key of my_setting:

Sample config.yaml

name: Example Plugin for Movable Type
id: Example
description: This plugin is an example plugin for Movable Type.
    default: "Byrne"
    scope: blog

Registry Properties

  • default - the default value for this plugin setting when no value has been explicitly provided by the user.

  • scope - the scope for which this setting applies. A value of “system” will indicate to Movable Type to store only one value for this setting across the entire installation, whereas a value of “blog” will instruct Movable Type to store a value for this setting for each blog in the system.