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Registering a Plugin Settings Template

Once you have declared what settings will be collected, the next thing you need to do is create the UI for editing them. First you will need to register the config template that will be used for the system level or blog level (or both) settings interfaces. There are two registry properties you can use:

  • system_config_template
  • blog_config_template

Each of these properties takes a single value as input, the name of the template file used to render your settings. The template file you will create will need to be placed in your plugins tmpl directory.

Here is a sample config.yaml that shows these registry properties in action:

name: Example Plugin for Movable Type
id: Example
description: This plugin is an example plugin for Movable Type.
system\_config\_template: system\_config.tmpl
blog\_config\_template: blog\_config.tmpl
    default: "Byrne"
    scope: blog