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Fetching Plugin Data

By now you should have successfully created a plugin that exposes a simple user interface that makes it possible for you to collect from your users configuration data for your plugin and for that information to be faithfully stored by Movable Type. The following section will instruct you on how to access that information once it has been stored.

Fetching a System-Level Setting

If you need to retrieve the value stored for a setting that is consider a system wide setting, then the following code should do the trick:

my $plugin = MT->component("MyPlugin");
my $my_setting = $plugin->get_config_hash('my_setting','system');

Fetching a Blog-Level Setting

Retrieving a blog-specific setting is very similar, and requires only one additional piece of information: the ID of the blog for which this setting applies:

my $plugin = MT->component("MyPlugin");
my $scope = "blog:" . $blog_id;
my $my_setting = $plugin->get_config_value('my_setting',$scope);

And finally, you can fetch all of the values associated with your plugin’s preferences at once by using the get_config_hash method like so:

my $plugin = MT->component("MyPlugin");
my $scope = "blog:" . $blog_id;
my $config = $plugin->get_config_hash($scope);
my $my_setting = $config->{'my_setting'};