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Binding Permissions to Modes and Dialogs

Movable Type makes it easy to control whether a logged in user can see or utilize a given page, action, or menu item. In those cases the Movable Type registry surfaces a permission property which can be set to a list of permissions that the user must have been granted in order to use the corresponding feature. Below is a list of all the permission names/keys Movable Type possesses. Use these when binding permissions within the registry.

System Permissions

  • administer
  • create_blog
  • manage_plugins
  • view_log

Blog Level Permissions

  • administer_blog
  • edit_config
  • set_publish_paths
  • edit_categories
  • edit_tags
  • edit_notifications
  • view_blog_log
  • create_post
  • publish_post
  • send_notifications
  • edit_all_posts
  • manage_pages
  • rebuild
  • edit_templates
  • upload
  • save_image_defaults
  • edit_assets
  • comment
  • manage_feedback