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Atom Link Relations

Link relations are a common XML (and HTML) element found across the web. Link relations provide valuable information about content that is in some way related to the current content. A link relation looks like this:

<link rel="replies" type="application/atom+xml" href="<SOME URL>" />

Link relations in HTML are used to associate an Atom feed with a web site, or even a CSS file with a web page for the purposes of styling.

In Atom, link relations are uses to refer to other related Atom feeds. Movable Type supports the following link relations:

  • `rel=”alternate”’ - used to refer to the HTML version of an entry or feed
  • `rel=”related”’ - used to refer to related feeds
  • `rel=”self”’ - used to refer to the canonical URL for this feed or entry
  • `rel=”enclosure”’ - used to refer to podcasts, or other related rich media content
  • `rel=”replies”’ - used to refer to a feed containing the comments related to this entry
  • `rel=”via”’