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This tag is similar to a wrapper as it provides MT with the ability to ‘wrap’ content with an included module. This behaves much like the MTInclude tag, but it is a container tag. The contents of the tag are taken and assigned to a variable (either one explicitly named with a ‘var’ attribute, or will default to ‘contents’). i.e.:

    <mt:IncludeBlock module="Some Module">
        (do something here)

In the “Some Module” template module, you would then have the following template tag allowing you to reference the contents of the IncludeBlocktag used to include this “Some Module” template module, like so:

    (header stuff)
    <$mt:Var name="contents"$>
    (footer stuff)

Important: Modules used as IncludeBlocks should never be processed as a Server Side Include or be cached


  • var (optional)

    Supplies a variable name to use for assigning the contents of the IncludeBlocktag. If unassigned, the “contents” variable is used.