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A linked version of the comment author name, using the comment author's URL if provided in the comment posting form. Otherwise, the comment author name is unlinked. This behavior can be altered with optional attributes.


  • show_email (optional; default "0")

    Specifies if the comment author's email can be displayed.

  • show_url (optional; default "1")

    Specifies if the comment author's URL can be displayed.

  • new_window (optional; default "0")

    Specifies to open the link in a new window by adding target="_blank" to the anchor tag. See example below.

  • default_name (optional; default "Anonymous")

    Used in the event that the commenter did not provide a value for their name.

  • no_redirect (optional; default "0")

    Prevents use of the mt-comments.cgi script to handle the comment author link.

  • nofollowfy (optional)

    If assigned, applies a rel="nofollow" link relation to the link.



Fullman on August 28, 2007, 11:04 a.m. Reply

This doesn’t appear to be correct.

By default, in the Comment Detail template, the above example is: <$MTCommentAuthorLink defaultname="Anonymous" showemail="0"$> <MTIfNonEmpty tag="CommentAuthorIdentity"><$MTCommentAuthorIdentity$></MTIfNonEmpty>

Which results in, in my case: “Fullman [Link Icon]” …that is linked

Fullman (the display name for the CommentAuthor) is not linked, while a separate icon is shown next to the CommentAuthor, which is linked.

Any modification of that original code (for example, removing the MTIfNonEmpty block) results in just a CommenterName without a link (and no linked icon).

[Based on MT 4.0 Final with default templates.]


Su on August 30, 2007, 2:06 a.m. Reply

Missing: the no_redirect attribute.